Just Smile

Yesterday morning I went to one of my favorite places, the dentist, I love going to the dentist. First it is the first time I have been to the dentist since this whole Covid-19 mess started. They called me, I was thrilled to hear from them, they told me the requirements to avail myself to their services. I told them I was happy to comply, so I went, sat in my car, called them to tell them I was there, they came out and walked me, with my mask on. From there they took my vitals and then took me back to the dentistry room.

It was a pleasure to be there, my dentist is funny and upbeat and scolded me for eating popcorn. She has an uncanny way of knowing, then we talked about what was troubling me and what I need her to fix.

First I would like to digress and tell you where I believe my deep love of the dentist comes from. My parents, my mom and dad were unusual for people who grew up during the depression. They both had all of their own teeth until they day they died, with the exception of a partial, for both of them. On opposite sides of their mouths, how funny is that.

My mom had been a dental assistant in the 1950’s, have I ever told you about that? No? Maybe? If yes, I am about to repeat myself. 

These were the days when dental assistants didn’t go to school for that job, they were trained by the dentist. My sister (who was a teenager, still in high school) had applied for the job and had an interview, well she had something to do at school and asked my mom to go in her stead.

My mother had no issue with that and went to the job interview to talk my sister up. At the end of the interview he told my mom that her daughter sounded wonderful but he really wanted someone more mature in the position. Then he asked her if she wanted the job, my mom said she would have to talk it over with my dad and would call him the next day.

She went home and told my dad and my sister about the job and my sister and dad both told her to go for it. Nell said she really didn’t have time for the job anyway.

So my mom went to work for the dentist and had a wonderful time, she learned a lot about the health of the mouth and how to take good care of ones teeth.

So she and my dad had really good oral hygiene as a result, which she then passed down to all of us.

In doing so instilled a lifelong love of going to the dentist and having our teeth cleaned.

ok, back to my problem, when I was 13 I had a lot of dental work done, a lot of the fillings have lasted until just the past few years. Remarkable work to have lasted that long, anyway, I have a filling in my front tooth, it keeps coming out.

I was supposed to go and have it fixed right before all of this mess started. Now it is time to address it, I feel incredibly self-conscious smiling, which is sad, because I have a great smile.

It really is my best feature, next to my hair, it is not vain to say that, I’ve been told countless times I have a great smile. Saying I have great hair, vanity, great smile, truth, well both are true, but back to my teeth.

I am going back in august to have it fixed once and for all so I can smile without a thought. Not that anyone will see it, alone at home, masked in stores. Oh well, I still want it fixed, whether that is vanity or just because. Someday we shall be able to go out without covering our mouths and I will want to smile at people.

Especially at my wedding, to Dean, or Luke or may Aidan (Poldark) oh the choices. It’s a great time to be alive, may you all have a great weekend and go to the dentist!

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