Eye Doctor and Ego Stroking

Today I got to do another favorite thing, going to the ophthalmologist, I love having my eyes checked! I know, weird, but I enjoy the whole process, except for the puff of air, 42 years of that and I still dislike it.

The past few years I have opted to not be dilated and had something else done instead. Where they map the eye, I don’t remember what it is called. Insurance doesn’t cover it, but well worth the cost, only $39 to not have your eyes dilated. Plus they can see a lot more with this, the dr put it on the screen where I could see my eye up close!

When she began the exam she starred at me and said, you’re 56? Me: yes. Her: you don’t look 56 (she seemed a little miffed at this). I said is that good or bad. She said oh it’s good, what is your secret?

I said good genetics and a good skin care routine, something I have been taking care of since I was 13.

So then she does my exam and says “I don’t understand, since I have been doing your exams your eyes have improved by half a click every year.” She went on to tell me even my astigmatism was getting smaller.

I am telling you, it is the alien blood! O negative is where it is at apparently, alien blood.

So my eyes are getting better as I age and I am apparently aging slowly.

I’ll take it, I don’t have much, but I have that!

I didn’t tell her the real reason I look good and don’t look 56, God and I have an agreement. I don’t kill people and He allows me to look young and pretty for as long as possible. At least until after my wedding, to Dean, we all know.

On the work front they polled us and asked who wants a second monitor. Now to some this might not seem like a big deal, but it is. it has been challenging working with one monitor, we have to bring up so many tools and systems to work on each customers issue. I immediately said I do!

So on Friday I went to get one, I am very happy I did, not only do I have a second monitor, I got to see a few friends. And yes, I did get a couple of hugs. Don’t hate, appreciate. We have all been in solitude for so long and I know they don’t have Covid-19 and we were all masked.

So I don’t want to hear anything about anything, thanks in advance.

I did order a desk as well, it is supposed to be here tomorrow. I should be able to put it together myself, without help, if you hear wailing coming from this part of Texas just move along. Nothing to see, nothing to hear, just a non-coordinated woman putting together furniture.

I put my office chair together, this should be, I don’t want to say easy but I should be able to figure it out.

I do have a mini rant to get to, see I like to bury the lead, hoping people will become exhausted from my nonsensical talk.

I am a grown woman, I know when someone is trying to scam me on social media. I don’t need to check with anyone else, thank you very much. If you had bothered to read what I posted you would know that. Reading is fundamental, there is that, can we go back to that? And when did pandering become the norm? Does everyone pander to celebrities? Do they just spout stuff to stroke their egos and try and get attention from them? I refuse to participate, it is beyond ridiculous.

ok, I feel better, thanks for listening, ok, my weekend is wrapping up and I need to get things ready for tomorrow.

I hope you all have a great day and make good choices, stay safe, don’t do anything I would, or wouldn’t. That doesn’t leave you a lot of options, just so you know.

As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com

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