Superman Old or New?

It was announced this past week that Henry Cavill has signed on to portray Superman in three more films. That’s great, I am all for continuity and while his portrayal isn’t my favorite I believe he did an ok job.

His take is darker than I really like my Superman and he is more Superman than Clark Kent. The direction they are going is a darker take on the universe.

On twitter I saw a few people saying they’d rather see Dean Cain as Superman on the big screen.

Now we all know how I feel about Dean Cain and his Clark Kent/Superman. It’s one of my favorites, however, he is now not the right age to be Superman. I know, ageism, but let’s think about it rationally, Superman never ages, I know everyone thinks Dean Cain hasn’t aged, but he has.

Oh he looks good, for his age, but he is nowhere near the shape he was in when Lois and Clark first aired. Superman doesn’t age, it is only reasonable that a younger actor would take up the mantel. Continue with the storytelling.

I would love to see Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher do a miniseries for the small screen to catch us up on what their version of the characters are up to. That would be fun and I would totally watch it.

I have often said I am first a Superman fan, the character has been my favorite since I was 4 years old and saw my first comic. Lois Lane even influenced me to major in journalism.

Superman, Lous Lane, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, the Fantastic 4, Black Panther, Captain America, I loved them all. Too many to name here.

It’s much like Star Trek, there comes a time when younger actors need to take up the mantle and continue telling the stories.

I am all for that, I like to see the storytelling continue and go on to the next generation. That is what keeps the characters alive.

That’s it, those are my thoughts, i hope you all have a good day and make good choices.

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