A Little Story About Michelle

I’d like to tell you about my friend Michelle, some of you may have seen her comments from time to time on here. I met her at work, we were in the DSL department together, I didn’t really know her that well at first. She worked evenings and I worked early mornings, so we had very little contact. All of that changed when we were put on the same team.

She professed me to be too peppy and I needed to lay off of the caffeine. I advised her my peppiness had nothing to do with caffeine. We were off and running, it was all in good fun.

Michelle’s exterior was of a gruff, no nonsense woman, underneath was a heart that matched the state we live in. Everything is bigger in Texas after all. We bonded over a love of Star Trek, coffee and dogs.

She encouraged my love of Dean Cain, hand making me birthday cards and valentine cards with his picture in them. She even made a puzzle from one of his pictures, very thoughtful, and fun.

I found out from a mutual friend that Michelle’s deep love of dogs manifested in her going to her local rescue and paying adoption fees so people who were not financially able could have a dog.

She also volunteered at the local rescue, washing dogs, grooming them, making sure they could make a good first impression to the humans coming to look at them.

Michelle’s big heart didn’t just encompass animals, she talked about her sons and grandchildren all of the time. How proud of them she was, their accomplishments and their abilities and how much she missed seeing the ones that lived far away.

Her health was never great, but she persevered, coming into work when she physically should not have been able to.

She finally had to go out on medical leave, we, her friends, were hopeful we would see her back in the work place. Then Covid hit and we hoped we would see her online, able to work from home.

It was not to be, I don’t know what Michelle finally succumbed to, but God said enough. I need you to come home, so she did, she went home to be with her beloved mom and dad and sister.

Her legacy of the caring she showed us will live on, I’ll never forget her. In her honor Stormie and Fat Catstard have been getting extra love and extra treats.

She also loved hearing about Fat Catstards escapades and what Stormie was doing.

She was one of a kind and I’ll miss seeing her comments on my blog, or some silly thing I posted on Facebook.

She hated winter and aways had something sassy to say about my winter posts. I’ll miss those the most.

Michelle I’ll continue to keep your family in my prayers, I know they will miss you more than I. I also know without a doubt I’ll see you again, when I do I’ll tell you all about the escapades of Fat Catstard and Stormie.

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