Weekend Break

I took a break over the weekend from watching STtNG (Star Trek the Next Generation) to watch my beloved Marvel movies.

Disney + has a feature now where you can watch them in order of their timeline, not when the movie was released, but the timeframe of the characters.

However I do believe they got one wrong, Ant Man and the Wasp should be after Infinity War, due to what happens at the end, also the Spiderman movies are missing. As they are not on the Disney+ platform, but no worries, I own those as well. 

Back to STtNG, I had really forgotten how funny the show was, when Worf is delivering Keiko’s baby is one of the funniest scenes ever. Him telling her that the simulation was way less messy than the actuality.

I also watched the rest of The Platform on Netflix, no I haven’t canceled them, I still believe Cuties is soft core Kiddie Porn. I am hoping they take it off, I digress, I enjoyed The Platform, but it took me a while to get through it. Simply because it has subtitles, so you have to really be able to just sit and watch it. I like to have things on that I can go grab a load of laundry and fold it while listening to what is on. You cannot do that with this show, it was interesting, full of intrigue and has a few scenes with Dean Cain. The original reason I watched it, but he was literally in like 4 scenes throughout the whole of the season one.

If you like intrigue and high tech adventure, watch this show, it was really well done.

I am in a quandary right now, it is fall, I want to take the light quilt off of the bed and put my big, fluffy, deep purple comforter on. However, these nighttime hot flashes are not conducive to having that thing on the bed. But I really want it, there is nothing like having the air down to 66 degrees and snuggling under a big fluffy comforter. 

I am so sad that is not to be right now, the good news is I am losing the weight this stupid Menopause has put on. Between the supplements and the Hotworx, I am able to wear my jeans again, comfortably. That is the key word, comfortably, a month ago I could get them on and get them zipped but they were not comfortable.

Now they are, so I shall continue with what I have been doing, except when it changes. I have a feeling somethings will be changing on Friday when I see Taylor, my nutritionist. I cannot wait to find out what all of that bloodworm resulted in.

Until then I shall sweat and eat healthy and continue to watch STtNG.

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