2021 and all that Entails

2020 is over, 2021 has begun and with it renewed hope that all will be well with our country. It has begun, I see the signs and on the 6th of January it will culminate. I wish I could be in Washington D.C. to see it all unfold. I will be watching from all of my sources. I follow a lot of people that are going to be there. I feel their excitement and I will be praying for them.

Christmas has come and gone, I hope everyone liked their gifts, with some it’s hard to tell if they liked their gifts. I guess I would hear long and loud if they did not, so perhaps I should take silence as acceptance.

Cooking and cleaning and wrapping takes a lot of energy and well to be honest I am not getting any younger. I still love doing it for my family, I just know there will come a day where they will all have to contribute to the meal. But not this year, maybe next or the next, or when I am ready to relinquish control.

The new year always brings an onslaught of things people are going to change. I have a habit of posting what I will not change, which is another thing I will not change. So here is my list of things I will not be changing in 2021:

1.) my love of all things sci-fi, superhero, action movies.

2.) my love of words, all words, written words, fantastically said words, delicious words. Bridgerton on Netflix is a wonderful example of this. Which reminds me, I must see if that is a book.

3.) my love of my country, I love the fact that I am an American, I love the fact my family fought for the very formation of this country in 1774. I am proud to be an American.

4.) my righteous indignation of all of the wrong that is happening in this country. The one that my ancestors fought so hard for. I am proud that my children are Americans and love this country.

5.) my love of my animals, I am not changing that. I even added to my menagerie.

6.) last but should have been first, my love of Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I am not backing down from my faith and everything that is happening in the world makes me cling harder to Him.

I pray for this country and this world, that peoples eye will be opened to the evil that is on full display. I have faith that God will win in the end and all will be well in our world.

I lost my brother this year, that is a loss I mourn, but I also rejoice knowing with full confidence I will see him in our afterlife in heaven. 

So happy 2021 to everyone, please go out and make it your best year yet on this earth.

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