Jeremiah and Psalms and China

Hello China, I see you have been having fun on my blog. Did you read anything interesting? You do realize I have the ability to see where all of the hits to my blog come from, right?

I welcome all readers from all over the world, but I am curious. What exactly do you find so fascinating that I write about? I would love to know, is it the juice cleanse? The Rustic Cuff? The Fitish ones? 

Whatever it is that you love reading about please, do tell.

This is my birthday month, well, after the 1st, that is Elizabeth Anne’s day.

I love that my birthday is in February, it is fitting, I love winter, I love the color purple and all of those things are in February. God definitely knew what I needed before I was born. It makes sense, due to Jeremiah 1:5 and also Psalm 139:13-18. God knows us even before we are born, before He knit us in our mother’s womb. 

With my birthday looming, I am thinking more and more about how glad I am that I am alive. Abortion is an abomination, I fully believe that, as I was one of those unwanted children. You know, the ones Democrats say should just be aborted before they are born. I am happy that I was born, that I was adopted, even though it was at a later age, not as a baby. 

I am happy my parents took a chance on a wild child that had no discipline and had very little love in her life. I am so happy that I got to have the privilege of being born, that I wasn’t killed before I was born.

I’m pretty sure my children are grateful as well, because, well, they exist due to the fact I exist. My granddaughter exists due to the fact I exist. Everyone has a purpose in life, I find I am still searching for mine, even at this advanced age.

Soon I will be 57, yes, that is a larger number, I only have roughly 57 more years on this earth. 

I believe I should be able to figure out what I am meant to do in that time frame. 

I am in love with my purple hair, I don’t know that I will give it up any time soon. I feel edgy and young with it, also fun and fun-loving. Does anyone else love different color hair? I love seeing all of the colors out there, it is fun and light hearted. Isn’t that something we all need a little of right now?

I hope you all have a great day, oh and China, leave me a message! Tell me what you are reading and what you are getting out of it. I would love to know, remember to read your bible daily and pray to the one true God. 

As usual any questions, comments or critiques can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld. 

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