Menopause Rage and Cancel Culture

Menopause rage is a real thing, irrational menopause rage. Something as simple as an innocuous comment on a stupid app. I’m not going to say what set me off, I’m just going to say I’m really glad I put my phone down and walked away.

I will tell you the 4 legged creatures got quite the earful.

I went to my Functional Nutritionist Friday for blood results and more tweaking of my supplements. My iron is not coming up as fast as she would like, so now I am on low dose iron supplements. I am also taking something for liver function and also enzymes for stomach acid production. My vitamin B levels are still low, higher than they were before but still way low.

I ran out of the estrogen during the bad week here in Texas. So I had been off of estrogen for two weeks. Now I am trying to get my hormones back in balance.

Everything went wonky that week, not only did I run out of estrogen, I didn’t take anything that week. In all honesty I was just trying to keep the fire going to keep the living room warmish. It was very stressful and I didn’t sleep that week.

On another note, I was watching The Rookie, the character John Nolan said this great line: “The thing about celebrities is I think they get locked in time in your head. You know whatever that show is that you loved them from, that’s the way you expect them to be”. This is so thought provoking and true. It’s not only celebrities that we do this with. Also professions, we expect more from certain professions and when people let us down by showing they are human, well it isn’t pretty.

Cancel culture is like the boulder in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. it just barrels downward picking up speed until there is no stopping it.

Until it reaches the bottom, by then it has wrecked havoc, indiscriminate in its destruction.

Something we should definitely leave in 2020.

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