Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Good Conversation

So much to get to, so little time, first off, Good Morning China! I like getting it out of the way, I get a lot of hits from there so I like to say hello to my readers.

So, I picked up Tess yesterday from school, here is our actual conversation:

Tess: Bentley says George Clooney is the best Batman.

Me: actual gasp, no way, everyone knows Michael Keaton is the best. I am batman (in my best deep Batman voice).

Tess: Right, except the Doc Holiday Batman is my favorite. Gigi tell me you know who that is.

Me: of course I know who that is, but the best of the best was Adam West, the original TV Batman.

Tess: Yeah, the the Wonder Woman from TV. Hey Gig, I think it would have been cool if that Batman, Wonder Woman and Dean Cain’s Superman would have done a crossover.

Me: that would have been awesome. Except they were all different decades.

Tess: Whaaaattt!

Me: Yes, Batman in the ’60’s, Wonder Woman in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s and Dean Cain’s Superman in the 1990’s.

Tess: “mind blown” I had no idea.

These are the conversations I live for, who knew when she was born that I would get a best friend who wants to talk about superheroes, Star Wars, Star Trek and everything in between.

I met with my functional nutritionist yesterday, we will be doing blood work in the next couple of weeks to determine where my iron, hormones, vitamin D and other things are at.

Menopause is not for the weak of heart, I literally hate all of it, especially the hot flashes. I am a naturally hot natured person, so this is brutal.

I still refuse to put the chemicals in my body to control this thing. Has anyone really done any studies on what those things do to women? I also am still refusing that beer flu vaccine, those are a chemical soup I refuse to put in my body

I am shocked at how many people are rushing to do this, did they ever stop to think why are they pushing this thing so hard. The harder famous people are pushing this poison the more it makes me not want to take it.

I am blown away by people who are normally so intelligent and make intelligent choices, why are they not going directly to the source. Go to the CDC’s website, look at the deaths they are recording due to these things. No thank you, I would rather take my chance with a virus that has a survival rate of 99.7%.

Last week was completely stressful, we got a new phone system at work, it is largely unworkable for the work my department does. Also the people calling in were on the whole incredibly not nice. 

But there was one, there is always one, that makes my job worth doing. It was a single mom with an 11 year old, she was emotional, begging me to do something to get her service working. Her very livelyhood depended on it, I took a look at what was going on, it was complicated and required the cooperation of several different departments. We got her working, it took longer than my shift, I checked on it the next day and saw everything was perfect and working. I called her to check on her, I told her that her situation had touched me, as I had been a single mom and understood her situation.

I told her I could literally feel her stress through the phone and just wanted to make sure everything had gone smoothly after I left.

She told me that everything had gone perfectly and me calling to check on her was the icing on the cake. It made her think more highly of my place of employment.

I take a lot of pride in my work, I enjoy doing it to the best of my ability, I also enjoy helping people. It makes it all worth it when it is appreciated.

I will soon have 24 years with this company, in just a few days, I have been in a lot of different departments. I have worked my way to the title I have now and I am very happy to have been given the opportunity. God works in mysterious ways, I would never have put myself in this line of work so many years ago. 

I have made a lot of good friends, some lifelong friendships, some for a season and they have all enriched my life.

I hope you all have a great day, a good weekend and don’t forget God does love you, He does see what you are going through and His presence is always there.

As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at Oh and if you live in China I would love to hear from you, what do you find so fascinating about me!

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