Happy Birthday Thomas Alexander Graham Bell

Thomas Alexander, today is the day, I can’t believe it has been thirty years since the day you made your first appearance on this earth. It was an amazing day, both your dad and I were so happy to meet you.

You were always so happy and adventurous, you brought so much sunshine and love into our world. You completed our family, until the moment you all grew up and started having families of your own. Then you all added to our family and made it even more complete.

I have always been amazed at your capacity for learning, you are so intelligent, I hope you never lose the love of learning new things. My grandfather used to say that once you lose the will to learn anything new it is time to leave. 

My one word of advice to you comes from him, never become complacent, complacency leads to stagnation and stagnation leads to death. 

I am so proud of the man you have become, you have such an incredible soul, your ability to love and accept others for who they are comes straight from my mom, your grandma Testerman. 

She would be so proud of you and how you have grown up, on this day, your birthday, I want you to know that not only am I proud of you, I look forward to where your future takes you.

I love watching you grow and become who you are supposed to be. You are strong, mentally, physically and emotionally, I know whatever life throws at you, you will be able to take and not only handle it but make it your own.

I hope you know how proud of you I am, how much I love you, how much I look forward to the years ahead. I can’t wait to see what life has in store for you.

Happy Birthday Thomas Alexander Graham Bell, I hope it is your best one yet.



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