Gratefulness for the Job I Never Knew I Wanted

With it being November everyone is talking about thankfulness. So I thought I would tell you one thing I am incredibly thankful for. My job, and I will tell you why I am so thankful, no matter what happens on the job or how stressful it becomes.

I was a divorced mother of three children, I had been divorced almost four years, life was not going well. I was working three jobs, going to school full time and raising three children. 

I worked at a children’s clothing store, church daycare and babysitting in my home. My car was falling apart, it was hard to make ends meet and I never slept. 

One day a friend of mine asked if I wanted a real job, I said I don’t know what that means because I work three real jobs.

She came over that evening with an application, stayed and watched me fill it out. Then hand walked it to the head of HR in the company she worked for. Did I mention the head of HR at that time was her best friend. Had been the Maid of Honor in her wedding. Yes, nepotism at its finest, I have no regrets.

The next day I received a call from said head of HR, she asked me to come in and test. Back in those days you did not interview for this corporation for an occupational job, you tested. I will admit I don’t know how you get hired these days. I went in, took a typing test, I type 95 words a minute with a 98% accuracy. I passed, she then had me take a Word Perfect test, I scored 100 and she said I can’t give you a perfect on that so she marked it 95%.

She then offered me a job, it was Operations Clerk, the position had been open for a while because no one could pass the typing test. The requisition said it needed 45 words per minute, no one could pass that, let that sink in.

I accepted, I said I needed two weeks to give my current employers, I never looked back.

The pay that I started out at replaced all three jobs that I had, I finished out the semester in school and didn’t finish my degree. I am ok with that, I was able to provide for my children, go to their school functions, sporting events and could pay the electric bill and buy groceries. It was very literally a God send moment. 

I was able to live in nice neighborhoods, send my children to good schools.

Also being an Operations Clerk was hands down my favorite job at this company, why you ask, good question. Because it was my first job, it started the whole thing, I learned what this company was, it taught me the bedrock of this company and how important its function is in society. 

Telecommunications is what keeps everyone connected, especially now, it is more important than ever in this world. 

24 years later I have worked a few different jobs and moved up the occupational ladder. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to pull myself up and achieve professional meaningfulness in my life. 

Yes my friend provided my foot in the door, but since that day I have worked hard and proven myself a worthy employee.

Is it my calling in life? No. Is it something I can feel accomplished with at the end of the day? Yes. 

I have not only found a place I feel useful, I have made lifelong friends. I also found a place I can be as nerdy as I really am and be accepted. 

So on this day I am really grateful for my job. Oh and some things that have happened and I have witnessed will be taken to my grave. As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to

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