Skincare and Empress Talk

I have recently developed an aversion to sunscreen, allow me to explain. My moisturizer and foundation both had sunscreen and it has started burning my face. It was awful, it took me a little while to figure it out. I changed moisturizer first and when I put that on my face stopped hurting, then I put on my normal foundation and pain. I knew then it was the sunscreen. 

Almost all foundations now have sunscreen, I looked and looked online, then I decided to go to my local Ulta store. A very nice gentleman asked if I needed help, I said yes I do. I explained what I needed and he said he had the perfect solution.

We found a foundation without sunscreen and I tried it, it wasn’t covering the red in my face. I have massive red undertones in my complexion. So he then suggested a primer that doubles as an anti-red corrector.

It also moisturizes, which is great because my skin is extra dry these days. I have never had dry skin, nor oily skin, it has always just been normal. But menopause takes a toll on everything, what a cruel joke on all women.

The primer is Smashbox photo finish correct Anti-Redness Primer and the foundation is It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation.

It is cold here today, cold without snow is not a fun thing, but I promised I would not wish for snow this year. Stupid storm of the century last year, it continues to ruin my fun. The storm that is blasting us with cold weather is blanketing the south east with snow, even to Missouri. The  storm is named Izzy, that’s right, someone named the storm after my daughter. Which is very exciting, I have yet to have a storm named after me, maybe one will be in my birthday month. After the 1st of February of course, that day belongs to Izzy Anne. When I am gone, or senile, whichever comes first, the whole month will go to her. It’s in my will, I bequeath February to Elizabeth Anne. 

I am sure she will appreciate it, monuments will be built in my honor for being so magnanimous, the 10th will become an earth wide holiday. Tiaras for everyone!

Sorry I got carried away a little, just a little.

I have been watching The Golden Girls lately, I honestly forgot how howlingly funny it is. I have laughed until tears were coming down with some of the zingers. 

I am definitely a Dorothy, acerbic, the voice of reason, I shall rule my retirement home.

Picture it, Shady Pines, 2060, Foreigner blasting over the loud speakers, chocolate for everyone. It’s going to be so much fun!

That’s all I have for now, any comments, questions, criticisms or agreements can be left here or sent to me at

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