Happy Anniversary to Me

Today I celebrate, with no fanfare, my longest successful relationship to date. It is my 25 year anniversary with the major telecommunications company I work for.

I am really proud of this accomplishment, it won’t be celebrated, we all work from home now so no party. I could use the party money and go out to dinner but that would be awkward. Me and my boss, my guess is he is hoping I do not opt for that.

Since I have no other outlet I’ll tell you all about my career so far. Not really a career, more of a happy accident.

I was working three jobs, going to school full time and raising three children. A friend of mine asked if I was ready for a real job and I said sure. She brought the application to my apartment and waited while I filled it out.

The next day the head of HR called me and asked me to come in and test. You see she had been the maid of honor in my friends wedding. Nepotism is a beautiful thing and I have no shame.

I took what is called the Telephone Battery Test, at first, due to the questions, I thought that they were trying to see if I was crazy and not hirable. I later realized the test is designed to see if one is crazy enough to work here.

I also took a typing test and word perfect, I passed, they offered me the position of Operations Clerk. I accepted and the rest as they say is history.

That one job allowed me to quit the other three jobs, I finished the semester and we began to have a normal life. God blessed my family immensely with that open door and I will be forever grateful.

More than the financial aspect I have also made lifelong friends in this company. Too many to list individually, some I still work with, some who no longer work for the company.

I have had positions I have loved, I have had positions I have not loved, but through it all I have been grateful.

Grateful for the training I have received that has allowed me to move on to other departments and jobs in the company. Never getting bored, never complacent, never stagnant.

If you’ve stayed with me thus far, thank you, this is my only opportunity to tell anyone about my 25 year relationship.

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