Night Scare

I’ve told this story to one nephew and my daughter, I thought I might tell the world.

A few weeks ago I was startled awake in the middle of the night by flashing lights. Disorientated and confused I grabbed my phone thinking it must be an Amber alert, no, nothing on my phone. The lights were still flashing, my bedroom is in the back of the house, the windows face my backyard and the backyard backs up to a wooded area. I knew it wasn’t a police car or emergency vehicle as I can’t see the road from my bedroom.

I’m just lying there thinking this is it, it’s the revolution! It’s happening! Still nothing on my phone and the lights are still flashing.

I decide if the revolution is happening I need to go the the restroom. I am 58 after all.

As I am walking out of the bathroom back to the bed I see it, the source of the flashing lights.

A few months ago I had bought light up scrunches and had worn one to bed. It came out of my hair in the middle of the night and I had rolled over on to it turning it on.

So yeah, no revolution, yet.

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