Christmas Angel

Every year our department at work has an Angel tree, every year Shay and I adopt an Angel together. We pick a girl, Shay chooses the clothes, as she had sons and didn’t get to buy cute little girl clothes. I get to buy the toys, she always accuses me of getting things that requires helmets (she’s not wrong), it is a great way to start off the Christmas season.

I tell you this not to brag but as an introduction as to why I feel compelled to do this thing.

I never talk about my childhood pre-adoption, well, from birth to 5 years old was really good, then post adoption was amazing. The years in-between were not great, I honestly do not remember any Christmas from that time period except for one.

I was in the third grade and my elementary school had an assembly, it was the whole school gathered in the cafeteria. No one knew why we were there, but there was an excitement in the air. I will mention this was a low income school, so the parents were not backing what was about to happen.

All of a sudden the doors burst open and we hear hohoho, Santa came in with a bound, followed by firemen. First they gave us all candy canes, then Santa gave us all a present. I had never gotten a Christmas present that I could remember up to that point. 

It was a Crissy doll, she had auburn hair, brown eyes and her hair would grow. She was beautiful and I loved her.

That one kindness never left me, it has stayed with me, the thought that complete strangers wanted to make a whole school full of children feel special is a little overwhelming.

So to this day, I choose a child off of the Angel tree, so they can have a good Christmas and feel special. I tell you all of this in hopes that it will give you insight to how much a little kindness can create a lifetime effect.

If you have the means and the wherewithal I urge to choose your own Angel, you won’t be sorry. You will never know what may happen in the future. That one bit of kindness could change the whole trajectory of a child’s life.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and a really Merry Christmas!

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