Be a Ruth

So, ok, today on Facebook, I saw a post from a friend asking married men to stop poking her. for those not familiar, it is a feature within Facebook that you can send a virtual poke. Back in the day, like 6, 7 years ago, it was meaningless, now it has taken on a different meaning.

I weighed in with women need to stop as well sending these virtual pokes to married men or men they know are seeing someone.

Now, before I go further, I want you to know my friend, she is a total Ruth, she means it when she says no. she is loyal, loving, kind, beyond beautiful and completely dedicated to the Lord.

I have talked about this before, being a Ruth while waiting on your Boaz, for those of you not familiar with the story, please allow me to direct you to the book Ruth in the Bible.

In case you are wondering were to read this amazing story: you can go here and read the entire book.

Ruth is a wonderful example of how we all should be, loyal, kind, loving and willing to work hard to provide for one’s family. She also shows us that family comes in all forms, her husband dies and instead of going back to her people, as was the custom of that day. Ruth stays with her mother-in-law to make sure she is provided for; in fact, she follows her to her homeland. She goes to work in the fields to make sure they both have enough to eat.

Which is where Boaz notices her, he doesn’t notice her beauty, he notices her hard work and asks about her. Why is she working so hard, who is she providing for? When he finds out it is her mother-in-law and she is widowed he is intrigued.

What kind of woman does this? When she could have gone back to her own people, she would have been provided for, instead, she works in the field.

It’s an amazing story, most people read it as Boaz is the hero of that story, rescuing Ruth and Naomi, but really, Ruth is the hero. With hard work, perseverance and loyalty, she carves a life out for her and her mother-in-law. Unheard of in that day and age, unheard of now.

I believe the book of Ruth is a blueprint on how women should behave towards one another, we should be looking out for each other. Helping one another, not trying to take married men, or engaged men or even men who are dating another woman.

In all honesty I pity women who behave this way, they will never know the true kinship of womanhood.

We are all here together, behaving like a Ruth transcends just the aspect of men and women, it is the way we should treat everyone.

Unkindness is becoming a way of life in the world, not just the country, the world, Christians and Jews are under attack, being beheaded and it is still not being addressed. I am shocked and saddened with all of that going on, women still can’t get their acts together.

Just stop, stop encouraging the contact with the taken men, as soon as you find out there is someone at home waiting for them. Step away. Walk away. Run away.

Be faithful to not only other women, but to yourself, hold yourself higher, look to Ruth for a code of behavior that never goes out of style.

With those words I will leave you with an old segment of a radio show that doesn’t’ exist anymore.

Go in peace, remember, give a hand up to others, not a boot in the face.


How to be a Ruth

I have not written in a while because it hurts to type, I don’t know what happened to it, however it is getting worse and typing hurts now. However, I shall persevere, here I sit with a lot on my mind and hopefully can get it all out before the pain is too much.
The show that ran last night on Conversations with Shanon J and Angie B was all about how to be Ruth while waiting on your Boaz. For those of you not familiar with the Bible, check it out, the book of Ruth is an amazing guide for women. Not only does it tell of Ruth’s devotion to Naomi, it tells of Naomi’s dedication to Ruth, how she wanted her taken care of as well. It tells how women should behave toward their husbands mothers, it tells of how mothers of sons should behave toward the women their sons choose to marry. It is a beautiful love story between these two women and their desire to take care of each other. It tells of dedication, loyalty and selflessness, it is a map on how to behave as a woman.
I think sometimes we forget that, we forget how to behave with each other, women should be taking care of each other instead of trying to making themselves available to men who do not belong to them, they should be reaching out and lifting up. One reason I love my Mary Kay business so much is the women, we all want to help each other to succeed, we want to lift each other up. I have often said you can go to any Mary Kay event, see thousands of women at a time, not one cross word, not one curse word, not one catty word, nothing but kindness and camaraderie, it speaks to me, it appeals to me and it soothes my soul. After being in the world and seeing how women behave towards each other, it is my refuge. I urge every woman out there to read the book of Ruth. Read it with eyes searching on how to treat other women, not with eyes that want a man. Learn how to treat other women the way we are supposed to and God will bring you the man He wants for you. Avoid all of the drama, avoid the consequences for the actions you don’t take. If you never try to steal something that does not belong to you, then you will not reap the consequences.
If you did not get to listen last night I will post when the show goes up, I am really proud of the show and the Conversations we are having.
My fervent hope is that God continue to use us to say things that women are uniquely qualified to talk about.

Not a Joke

Well here we are, the jokiest day of the year, yes, I did just make up a word, after all it is April 1st, the day when we can make up things.
Yesterday was Easter Sunday, the day Christians around the world celebrate our living, breathing, resurrected Savior. I am proud to be counted among those numbers.
I got to see my children and spend some time with the Irishman, a good day indeed. I hope everyone had a great day and remembered to put Christ in the center of their celebrations. We had a great show on Saturday regarding Easter Sunday and the week leading up to the resurrection celebration. It should be up today on the website in case you missed it. Once again, shameless plug,, all of our previous shows can be heard there, I hope you will give us a listen.
This coming Saturday is a really good show, how to be a Ruth while waiting for your Boaz, I hear and see it over and over. Women lamenting on the fact they don’t have their Boaz, however they are not behaving like a Ruth. In order for God to bring you a good man you have to be a good woman, not perfect, but good. I would also like to point out if a man belongs to someone else, married, engaged, dating; he is not your Boaz. You can’t justify it, God is watching, he sees what you are doing all of the time, so stop.
Spent part of Saturday with Elizabeth Anne, she got a new tattoo, well two of them; she wanted me to get one with her. I told her I would when I turned 50, to commemorate the big birthday, trust me when I tell you she will hold me to it. In thinking on what I will get it will probably be the Aquarius sign, not because I am huge into astrology, I am not, but because I do like the water symbol. Nothing more, nothing less, that is all.
After that it was off to see the Irishman get shaved, if you are new to me I know you are thinking, what. Well I will clarify; he does this every year to raise funds for the Saint Balderick foundation. They fund research to cure cancers that effect children, I am very proud that he does this, it was his fourth year participating. Someone paid $200.00 for him to keep his beard, I paid $100.00 to get it off. Great fun for everyone and lots of money raised for a wonderful cause.
If you want to see his before and after you can check out my Facebook photos if we are friends on FB, if not, I will think about posting them here so all can see the transformation.

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