How to be a Ruth

I have not written in a while because it hurts to type, I don’t know what happened to it, however it is getting worse and typing hurts now. However, I shall persevere, here I sit with a lot on my mind and hopefully can get it all out before the pain is too much.
The show that ran last night on Conversations with Shanon J and Angie B was all about how to be Ruth while waiting on your Boaz. For those of you not familiar with the Bible, check it out, the book of Ruth is an amazing guide for women. Not only does it tell of Ruth’s devotion to Naomi, it tells of Naomi’s dedication to Ruth, how she wanted her taken care of as well. It tells how women should behave toward their husbands mothers, it tells of how mothers of sons should behave toward the women their sons choose to marry. It is a beautiful love story between these two women and their desire to take care of each other. It tells of dedication, loyalty and selflessness, it is a map on how to behave as a woman.
I think sometimes we forget that, we forget how to behave with each other, women should be taking care of each other instead of trying to making themselves available to men who do not belong to them, they should be reaching out and lifting up. One reason I love my Mary Kay business so much is the women, we all want to help each other to succeed, we want to lift each other up. I have often said you can go to any Mary Kay event, see thousands of women at a time, not one cross word, not one curse word, not one catty word, nothing but kindness and camaraderie, it speaks to me, it appeals to me and it soothes my soul. After being in the world and seeing how women behave towards each other, it is my refuge. I urge every woman out there to read the book of Ruth. Read it with eyes searching on how to treat other women, not with eyes that want a man. Learn how to treat other women the way we are supposed to and God will bring you the man He wants for you. Avoid all of the drama, avoid the consequences for the actions you don’t take. If you never try to steal something that does not belong to you, then you will not reap the consequences.
If you did not get to listen last night I will post when the show goes up, I am really proud of the show and the Conversations we are having.
My fervent hope is that God continue to use us to say things that women are uniquely qualified to talk about.

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