Not a Joke

Well here we are, the jokiest day of the year, yes, I did just make up a word, after all it is April 1st, the day when we can make up things.
Yesterday was Easter Sunday, the day Christians around the world celebrate our living, breathing, resurrected Savior. I am proud to be counted among those numbers.
I got to see my children and spend some time with the Irishman, a good day indeed. I hope everyone had a great day and remembered to put Christ in the center of their celebrations. We had a great show on Saturday regarding Easter Sunday and the week leading up to the resurrection celebration. It should be up today on the website in case you missed it. Once again, shameless plug,, all of our previous shows can be heard there, I hope you will give us a listen.
This coming Saturday is a really good show, how to be a Ruth while waiting for your Boaz, I hear and see it over and over. Women lamenting on the fact they don’t have their Boaz, however they are not behaving like a Ruth. In order for God to bring you a good man you have to be a good woman, not perfect, but good. I would also like to point out if a man belongs to someone else, married, engaged, dating; he is not your Boaz. You can’t justify it, God is watching, he sees what you are doing all of the time, so stop.
Spent part of Saturday with Elizabeth Anne, she got a new tattoo, well two of them; she wanted me to get one with her. I told her I would when I turned 50, to commemorate the big birthday, trust me when I tell you she will hold me to it. In thinking on what I will get it will probably be the Aquarius sign, not because I am huge into astrology, I am not, but because I do like the water symbol. Nothing more, nothing less, that is all.
After that it was off to see the Irishman get shaved, if you are new to me I know you are thinking, what. Well I will clarify; he does this every year to raise funds for the Saint Balderick foundation. They fund research to cure cancers that effect children, I am very proud that he does this, it was his fourth year participating. Someone paid $200.00 for him to keep his beard, I paid $100.00 to get it off. Great fun for everyone and lots of money raised for a wonderful cause.
If you want to see his before and after you can check out my Facebook photos if we are friends on FB, if not, I will think about posting them here so all can see the transformation.

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