Love, the True Meaning

Love. A word that is thrown around so much it begins to lose meaning. Especially these days. Love Trumps Hate. Stupid saying, especially the way it is used. Especially by the people saying it, the ones rioting and burning things and beating up people. All because they didn’t get their way. Love? I think not.
In an effort to reclaim the word love, to give it meaning, I am going to list the things I love. Things, not people, I am taking people out of the equation for now. Everyone knows my world really revolves around my children and Tess, so for my purposes today I am taking them off the table.
Here we go, now these are not in any order:

Books, I guess I did start in order, books were my first love and remain steadfast in my life. No matter what is going on in my life, how chaotic or even how calm, I can rely on books. Through words on paper I have traveled the world and beyond. I have time traveled backwards and forwards, I have never been disappointed nor felt reading was a waste of my time. Well, with the exception of one book that shall remain nameless.
Chocolate: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate candy, ice cream, popcorn and hot chocolate. It is not limited to those things listed, those are just the first ones that come to mind. I have had a lifelong affair with chocolate and I do not see that diminishing any time soon.
Coffee, what can I say about the elixir of life, the aroma, the way it makes me feel alive. All flavors, almost all additives, nothing artificial, it just makes life worth living.
Television, scripted television, I love television, it entertains us, enlightens us, makes us sad, happy, makes us remember, makes us forget. Makes us fall in love and fall out of love, television is always there for me even when the world is falling apart.
Shoes, when nothing else looks good on me, shoes never fail me. The different colors, styles, the way they can make me feel when I put a new pair on. The way Betsy Johnson makes her sky high strappy sandals makes me weep. There is nothing like a good pair of shoes or boots to lift ones’ spirits. Try it.
Snow, it is the great equalizer, the way it covers everything, sparkling, white, sometimes so white it shimmers blue. The way it silences all the noise, it is an insulator, giving us respite from a worrisome world. It is God’s way of saying He loves me, I look forward to it, need it, want it, crave the snow. If you need me, I’ll be outside doing a snow dance later today.
Dean Cain, yes, Dean Cain, he just makes me happy, he was and is the prettiest man on the face of the planet. Not only is he pretty, he’s smart, well read, well-spoken and out spoken. I do love a pretty man who not only looks good in tights, but can eloquently speak his mind and get his point across without cursing and screaming. I don’t know what I would do if I ever meet him. I would like to think I could keep geeky Angie under control and suddenly acquire a mantle of sophistication and worldliness. Not squeal and well, not Baio out on him. That is still one of the most shameful moments of my life.
There you have it folks, love, real love, begins with a book and ends with Dean Cain.

Lettuceless Salads and Sweater Dress

Well it’s Tuesday and it’s snowing, I am happy, remember snow = God’s love, it blankets you and makes everything beautiful. My mom, who knew how much I love snow, used to tell me that snow was God’s way of telling me he loves me. I was so happy to see it this morning, like a long lost friend who has come to visit, no matter the length of the visit, they are always welcome.
Today is sweater dress and purple boots day, thank you to Elizabeth Anne for the boots, they are still my favorites. They match my purple purse that was also from Elizabeth Anne, I am a lucky mom. I’m having a really good outfit day; I should take a picture, because I look good, except for the remnants of the fever blister. Talk about being brought back to reality, it’s always something.
I would like to take a moment and give a huge shout out to Spanx, I love them, I believe they are the best invention ever, they make me look good. Especially considering the food fest I was on in December, Spanx is my best friend right now.
So I got these new things, Salad additions by Lean Cuisine, so far I am enamored, I tried the Asian chicken one yesterday and today I will be trying the southwest chicken. I am a huge fan of salad, as long as there is minimal or no lettuce. I am not a huge fan of lettuce; I am a huge fan of the lettuceless salad, what is that you ask. Well, it is everything but the lettuce, all the good stuff, the chicken, the croutons, the cheese, all that stuff. Not to worry, I am putting lettuce in these, I am trying to be good after being bad for so long.
I won’t go on and on today, I just want to enjoy the snow while it lasts, it is supposed to be 40 degrees today so that means the snow won’t last. I wish it would snow for days, maybe on my birthday it will do that, that would be amazing.

A Good Day Today

I hope everyone is having a good day, mine is starting off fantastic, cold weather, sweater dress and purple knee boots, it’s all good. At this point all that can make it better is snow, or ice, or both! How great would that be! I can’t wait to go to work today to help all the people get their email and connect to the internet. The majority of people who call in for help geniunely want help and are nice and not yelling and cursing. There are a few that do that, but once you explain to them you will not be able to help them until they stop that behavior, they calm down. I actually had one customer that called in, heard my voice and said oh you are too happy I can’t work with you and hung up. He didn’t give me his account number, nothing, so I couldn’t call him back. I wanted to call him back and say well since you hung up on me I am a little less happy, I think we can work together now. But I didn’t get to. Oh well, not my fault if people don’t want the happy. Most do, and that is what makes my job pleasant.
I hope everyone out there enjoys some aspect of their job, it just makes the day go by and doesn’t drain you. It also helps that I am surrounded by co-workers that are helpful, joyful, nice and just downright pleasant to be around.
So, hi ho hi ho it’s off to work I go, see you all in the funny papers!

At Long Last, New Boot Day

Today is Wednesday and once again I have started New Boot Wednesday, I am very excited about this. I have rockin boots on, with a cute skirt, I am ready for fall. If I dress for fall and winter it will come, I am convinced. I hate the heat, I long for the cold and wet and above all else snow. I long for snow, I know my emotional state would go back to normal if it snowed. I am very fragile right now, the least thing makes me cry. I am beginning to hate commercials and I really hate sappy shows right now.
Last night was Ringer, on the CW, and let me tell you, Sarah Michelle Gellar is outstanding, this role is perfect for her. I suggest everyone watch it, we are three episodes in and I am sold on it. I love this time of year, you get so much bang for your buck, it is boot season, the weather is cooler and we finally have new television shows and new episodes of returning shows. I cannot wait for Bones to come back on, that is one of my favorites. It is so good to see so many Whedon alumni’s on the air this season. Best of luck to all of them.
I hope everyone has a great new boot day, a good Wednesday and a fantastic Hump day!

First Day of Fall, First Day of Boot Season

It is fall, we all know what that means, an ode to boots is in order:

Boots, the word carries so much, so much promise, so much fun, so much intrigue. I love boots, I love the way they feel, I love the way they make me feel. My personality is a little more sassy when I am wearing boots. I feel sassy, I feel taller, I feel amazing in boots. Boots are magical, they have to ability to make one special, I would like everyone to admit when they put on that first pair of boots, on the first day of fall, they feel magical. Like you can do anything, be anyone, conquer the world. While wearing boots I have gotten out of traffic tickets, I have gotten free Starbucks, I have gotten marriage proposals, and yes I trace all of that back to boots.
So, today, being the first day of fall, I urge you all to go out and purchase new boots,be open to the possibilities and enjoy all of the magic that follows.

Sweater Dresses and Boots

I am bone tired, cooking food and serving it for 8 to 10 hours is very tiring, but the end result is always good. We make money to help people in our community. That is a good feeling. I have such a great team, I can’t say enough good things about them.
I have been thinking a lot about Sandi lately, and Dee, I miss them both so much, I still have their numbers in my phone, I have their pictures on there as well. When one gets to the age that death is inevitable that is one thing, but to die from horrible diseases too young is another. Sandi’s was not by her choice, although I believe Dee had a choice. She chose to smoke, and chose to continue to smoke even when she knew it was killing her. That is the sad thing, and it does not diminish the pain of the ones left behind, I believe it heightens it.
On to other topics, I refuse to be unhappy today, the weather is cooler, it is bordering on boots and sweater dresses season, and I could not be happier. I am 25 pounds lighter this season and am so beyond excited to get some new sweater dresses! I love them! I want a closet full of them, I also want to live somewhere that I can wear them nine to ten months of the year. I can hardly wait for snow this year! I am so beyond excited about the possibility. There is always the possibility of snow here in North Texas. We mainly get ice, which I will take, but there is that occasion, the slim chance, that we will get snow, and twice in a row it has been on my birthday! You are all welcome! I will bid you all adieu for now, making breakfast tacos today to sell at Lakeside tomorrow. See you all there!

Saturday Happiness?

Today is a very busy day, I am celebrating two birthdays, in the same day, Wanda and Gladys, pray for me that I don’t go over my Weight Watchers points! As of this morning I have lost a total of 25 pounds! I look totally amazing, I don’t even care how vain that sounds. It’s the truth, I am totally hot, well, maybe not in the way a 20 something is, but in the way a woman my age is, I am so there. Almost.
Today is a very busy day, so not a long post, but I just wanted to say I am doing much better. No more morose posts as they are not me, I cannot stay down for long, I don’t have the personality for it. Pity parties have never been my forte’, revenge, now that is a different story. I have been known to wreck as much havoc in the lives of the offenders as they have wrecked in mine.
I think I am going to need new clothes, yes this is a huge hint to my children for Christmas. They say they never know what to get me, however, they always come through, I never have to tell them what I want. Remember the purple boots Elizabeth? I still love them, best present EVER. I am now wearing a skirt that I bought and have never been able to wear, and it feels amazing. Some people at work yesterday told me I even look younger. Huge bonus! Must go to finish getting dressed, lots to do, people to see, places to go! I hope everyone enjoys this amazing weather!

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