Saturday Happiness?

Today is a very busy day, I am celebrating two birthdays, in the same day, Wanda and Gladys, pray for me that I don’t go over my Weight Watchers points! As of this morning I have lost a total of 25 pounds! I look totally amazing, I don’t even care how vain that sounds. It’s the truth, I am totally hot, well, maybe not in the way a 20 something is, but in the way a woman my age is, I am so there. Almost.
Today is a very busy day, so not a long post, but I just wanted to say I am doing much better. No more morose posts as they are not me, I cannot stay down for long, I don’t have the personality for it. Pity parties have never been my forte’, revenge, now that is a different story. I have been known to wreck as much havoc in the lives of the offenders as they have wrecked in mine.
I think I am going to need new clothes, yes this is a huge hint to my children for Christmas. They say they never know what to get me, however, they always come through, I never have to tell them what I want. Remember the purple boots Elizabeth? I still love them, best present EVER. I am now wearing a skirt that I bought and have never been able to wear, and it feels amazing. Some people at work yesterday told me I even look younger. Huge bonus! Must go to finish getting dressed, lots to do, people to see, places to go! I hope everyone enjoys this amazing weather!

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