Sweater Dresses and Boots

I am bone tired, cooking food and serving it for 8 to 10 hours is very tiring, but the end result is always good. We make money to help people in our community. That is a good feeling. I have such a great team, I can’t say enough good things about them.
I have been thinking a lot about Sandi lately, and Dee, I miss them both so much, I still have their numbers in my phone, I have their pictures on there as well. When one gets to the age that death is inevitable that is one thing, but to die from horrible diseases too young is another. Sandi’s was not by her choice, although I believe Dee had a choice. She chose to smoke, and chose to continue to smoke even when she knew it was killing her. That is the sad thing, and it does not diminish the pain of the ones left behind, I believe it heightens it.
On to other topics, I refuse to be unhappy today, the weather is cooler, it is bordering on boots and sweater dresses season, and I could not be happier. I am 25 pounds lighter this season and am so beyond excited to get some new sweater dresses! I love them! I want a closet full of them, I also want to live somewhere that I can wear them nine to ten months of the year. I can hardly wait for snow this year! I am so beyond excited about the possibility. There is always the possibility of snow here in North Texas. We mainly get ice, which I will take, but there is that occasion, the slim chance, that we will get snow, and twice in a row it has been on my birthday! You are all welcome! I will bid you all adieu for now, making breakfast tacos today to sell at Lakeside tomorrow. See you all there!

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