Alert and Ready to Go

Here it is, two weeks down since I began with Fitness Together, since I cut out sugar, dairy and grains, two weeks in to a better me.
I feel better even after two weeks, I feel more awake, I walk into work at 6:00 AM ready to start the day, annoyingly awake and happy. I feel stronger already and I am down 7 pounds. I don’t know how many inches; we are going to do full measurements, weight and fat measurements at the one-month mark.
I have never looked forward to being measured in my entire life! How crazy is that?! I will tell you this, Friday I wore jeans that I could not even get into two weeks ago, that is my litmus, how my clothes fit.
I am eating better, no more junk food, sodas I gave up a long time ago, well over a year, no more Cheetos. I miss those, dark chocolate I can have, which is why I think I am sticking to this eating plan, if I can have chocolate once in a while I am good to go.
The new season has begun on television, and on the majority of my shows, it is a total wow factor, can hardly wait for Castle tomorrow night. I need to see how they are going to get out of this one, how will Rick have lived through the fireball that his car became.
Bones just about broke my heart; I will not go into details in case some people are catching up on their DVR viewing. S.H.I.E.L.D. did not disappoint, Joss was on point as usual, no surprise there. I have too many shows to name, so I will stop there, television is my hobby, that and reading, I could be happy living in a cave as long as I had television and books. Oh and the Internet, must have Internet.
There is so much going on in the world today, and rarely is it good, I am saddened by the reports of child slavery, of killings and the talk of war. If things keep going the way they are, I have to ask is WWIII inevitable? Will the U.S.A. be victorious as they were in the past? It seems everyone in power is really looking out for themselves, not the people they were sworn in to protect. This is a sad state of affairs indeed; hopefully we can all work together to change this woeful happening.
We should all be concerned with others before ourselves, always reaching out, even if it is with a kind word or smile. You never know what that will mean to the person you smile at, even a stranger. You could be the only human contact they have that day, so smile; it costs you nothing and could mean the world.
I know that is a simplistic way to look at things, I’m not stupid, I do not think a smile will save the world or stop a war. However, it starts with us, kindness and happiness is infectious, and for Christians you cannot share Christ with someone if you have been mean and nasty to them. Jesus fed the body then the mind, take care of physical needs and spiritual will follow.
Must go for now, have television to watch, checking out How to get away with Murder on demand, seeing if it deserves a spot on my DVR.

Dean Cain and Voting

People overshare. It’s a statement, not a question; once again I blame social media for this phenomenon that is happening. I have to be honest I long for the days when people didn’t talk about their personal ailments, by that I mean personal, private medical issues, embarrassing medical issues. I do not share what my issues are, except my arm hurts right now, I don’t know what is wrong with it. Other than that, if there is something else going on, I will not be announcing it on Facebook, Twitter or here for that matter.
Whew, I feel better, now, on to better things, Alex called me last night and said “Mom, you are going to be so proud of me.” Since this was Alex, I held my breath, it could be anything, he then said “I voted today”. I am so proud of him! He exercised his American right and made his voice known. It is his first presidential election and I am so proud he voted. I asked him if he got a sticker and he did not, I also asked if he took a picture and he said he started to but thought they might frown upon that.
I will be voting on the day of, I am a purist, no early voting for me, I even took two hours off to make sure I had enough time to hit the voting site.
So yesterday I went home and watched an episode of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, featuring Dean Cain in blue tights. Best. Evening. Ever. Dean Cain still the prettiest man on the planet earth, I don’t know if he is just aging well or if he has good doctors and I don’t even care. I love him with my whole teenaged soul heart. Yes, I know that is the biggest mess of a sentence, however, I don’t care.
Not a lot exciting going on today, will be working and then going home to watch Castle so BBFF (Jess) and I can discuss it, as he is bursting at the seams to tell me all.

Welcome Back Television Favorites

Since the new tour change, they have decided everyone should move desks, well almost everyone. I am one of the ones that moved, a little disconcerting I must admit, I am not a big fan of change, however this time they allowed us to take our CPU’s with us. That is huge as we all have our favorites and our way of setting up our computers.
I always say when they move me I get to sit by the most interesting people and get to know them in a different way. This time is proving that once again, I am now sitting across from a man named Carl. Carl is one of the nicest people here, along with that he is funny, smart, good at the job and just a joy to be around. I know for a fact Victoria is jealous that I now get to sit by Carl and she is on the other side of the building. I know I am going to enjoy sitting next to him for the next 4 months, or until they decide to move us again.
Last night was filled with television greatness, from How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Warehouse 13 to Castle. I have yet to get to watch Revolution, I do have it recorded, so no fears that I will not get to see it. Castle came out of the gate strong, great season opener, tied up some loose ends nicely, and gave us great things to look forward to. Cannot wait to have full discussion with BBFF today, I know we have a lot to discuss. So happy he is no longer watching the horribleness that is DWtS, I now have him hooked on WH13, finally, I have been trying to get him to watch this show since forever.
Quick health update on the Irishman, he is starting to improve, his appetite is improving, he is now eating whole loaves of bread, which he needs to stop as they are $7.00 a loaf. However it is good to see him eating, I don’t think he has gained any weight back yet, however he seems to have stopped losing weight. Sometimes it is hard to be his fiancé, I so want to lose like that; I would give anything to be able to do that. Anyway, his color is much improved and he is becoming more like his old animated self, good to see.

Great Monday

Monday was not so bad after all, our new shifts came out and I got what I wanted. 6 AM to 5PM with Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday off. Not too bad, I can still work out after work and have plenty of time before bed for household chores and TV viewing.Then not one but 2 Joss Whedon Alums on television last night. A new Bones and Castle on the same night! A dream come true! It seems something else happened yesterday and I cannot for the life of me remember what. I am losing my mind, or memory, or both. Oh I remember, I have Friday off, Tess is coming to spend the night Thursday night and all day Friday! I am seeing pink pancakes in our future, homemade Easter sugar cookies and an adventure! So excited. That girl is so much fun and I just love spending time with her. She is so smart and funny, not to mention adorable and beyond cute.
Today is Zumba day, I can’t wait, I love doing Zumba, not like working out at all, it is an hour of dancing. That I can handle! Ok, people, I have to go get ready for work now, the sooner I begin, the sooner it ends and I am Zumbaing my way to skinnyness!

Goodbye Tuesday, Hello Monday

Well, Tuesday we meet again, I know that you know that you used to be my favorite day of the week, I know that you are resentful that you are no longer my favorite day. It’s not my fault! Buffy went off the air, Tuesday is no longer as exciting as it once was, I no longer anticipate you with glee, I’m sorry Tuesday. Now I just wake up tired and wishing it were Monday again so I could see the new Castle. I am so sorry, I wish I loved you as much as I used to, I know too well the feelings of abandonment you must feel, cast aside for something younger, newer, fresher and with Nathan Fillion in it. If only a show came on Tuesday nights that had Dean Cain, then you would once again find favor in my life. But for now, Tuesday, you are no longer the favored day.
Zumba day is today, oh look Tuesday, something I love about you again, I realize you have to share that with Thursday, but cheer up, perhaps you will be the light of my life once again.

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