Welcome Back Television Favorites

Since the new tour change, they have decided everyone should move desks, well almost everyone. I am one of the ones that moved, a little disconcerting I must admit, I am not a big fan of change, however this time they allowed us to take our CPU’s with us. That is huge as we all have our favorites and our way of setting up our computers.
I always say when they move me I get to sit by the most interesting people and get to know them in a different way. This time is proving that once again, I am now sitting across from a man named Carl. Carl is one of the nicest people here, along with that he is funny, smart, good at the job and just a joy to be around. I know for a fact Victoria is jealous that I now get to sit by Carl and she is on the other side of the building. I know I am going to enjoy sitting next to him for the next 4 months, or until they decide to move us again.
Last night was filled with television greatness, from How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Warehouse 13 to Castle. I have yet to get to watch Revolution, I do have it recorded, so no fears that I will not get to see it. Castle came out of the gate strong, great season opener, tied up some loose ends nicely, and gave us great things to look forward to. Cannot wait to have full discussion with BBFF today, I know we have a lot to discuss. So happy he is no longer watching the horribleness that is DWtS, I now have him hooked on WH13, finally, I have been trying to get him to watch this show since forever.
Quick health update on the Irishman, he is starting to improve, his appetite is improving, he is now eating whole loaves of bread, which he needs to stop as they are $7.00 a loaf. However it is good to see him eating, I don’t think he has gained any weight back yet, however he seems to have stopped losing weight. Sometimes it is hard to be his fiancé, I so want to lose like that; I would give anything to be able to do that. Anyway, his color is much improved and he is becoming more like his old animated self, good to see.

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