Goodbye Tuesday, Hello Monday

Well, Tuesday we meet again, I know that you know that you used to be my favorite day of the week, I know that you are resentful that you are no longer my favorite day. It’s not my fault! Buffy went off the air, Tuesday is no longer as exciting as it once was, I no longer anticipate you with glee, I’m sorry Tuesday. Now I just wake up tired and wishing it were Monday again so I could see the new Castle. I am so sorry, I wish I loved you as much as I used to, I know too well the feelings of abandonment you must feel, cast aside for something younger, newer, fresher and with Nathan Fillion in it. If only a show came on Tuesday nights that had Dean Cain, then you would once again find favor in my life. But for now, Tuesday, you are no longer the favored day.
Zumba day is today, oh look Tuesday, something I love about you again, I realize you have to share that with Thursday, but cheer up, perhaps you will be the light of my life once again.

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