Controversial Thoughts

My journey continues, I am down 12 pounds and almost 10 inches in three weeks, that is exciting to me!
I have so much to talk about and some things I have been forbidden to say online, so I shan’t, I shall move on to things I can discuss.
I think I have started a firestorm on Facebook, Adrian Peterson, we have all seen the photos and heard the story of how he took a switch to a four-year old. Everyone who is from the South has had this done to them, it is a fact, the media keeps saying it was a tree branch, it was not, it was a switch, repeat, not a tree branch. Let’s get that fact straight, I am not going to defend the actions, taking a switch to a 4-year-old and whaling on him or her is not the correct way to parent. However, let’s look at a few things, we do not know how long the 4-year-old had been misbehaving, and we don’t know how many times Adrian Peterson “got onto him” (another Southern thing), we don’t know what caused him to snap.
As a parent I can understand the final snap, it is the reaction to the snap that is important, his reaction was to do to his child what was done to him. Not that this is the correct reaction, however, if we have never been taught a different way, we do what we are taught.
Yes, he went overboard on that 4-year-old, but I do not believe he deserves felony charges, I believe he needs parenting classes, some supervised visitation until he completes the classes, then check ups to make sure the lessons were learned.
There is a woman in Pennsylvania that made her daughter eat cat liter and she is being charged with simple assault, I’m sorry, cat liter is way more extreme than a switch (once again, not a tree branch). This woman deserves felony charges, not simple assault charges, if Adrian Peterson were not famous, were not a football player, this would not be a felony.
I’m going to tell you this, my grandmother made her grandchildren go get their own switches, we kids thought the thinner ones would be the best ones. Don’t be fooled, those things stung worse than the bigger ones, I am not advocating what he did by this statement. I am simply letting you know I understand his upbringing, he was doing what he was taught.
Once again, not an excuse, but this is a man who was immersed in a sport that takes all of his concentration, he really didn’t know any better. Instead of prison time, why not get him some much-needed parenting classes, have him do some community service with abused children. He doesn’t deserve prison time for this, I have spoken to someone who went to school with him at OU, he says that Adrian Peterson is a really nice guy. A little dense, but truly nice, get this man some parenting classes, open his eyes to a better way of disciplining, allow him to rehabilitate without costing the taxpayers money.
The woman who made her child eat cat liter, I’ll gladly pay her prison stay.


So, on my twitter feed someone had retweeted a Cooper Hefner tweet. He was tweeting an interview that a London paper had done with him. His tweet inferred that the journalist was biased. Curious me, I read the article, and yes, while I do believe that the journalist already had her mind made up before the interview. However, Jr hardly helped himself during said interview.
During the interview he inferred that if one is religious they are a prude. Well that is what I want to address. I am religious, I am no prude, however I have a clear cut view on what I believe is right and what is wrong.
It is wrong for 10 year old girls to wear the playboy bunny emblazoned on their behinds. It is wrong for them to wear the charms, have purses or anything else that depicts this image. Why you ask, well, let me tell you, playboy is pornography, is this really what we want our daughters promoting at a young age?
I believe it is wrong for Target to sell certain books on their shelves, I believe it’s wrong for Robin Thicke’s uncensored Blurred Lines video to be on YouTube. Anyone can access it, it needs to be NC17, I don’t think children should be able to access it, yet there it is.
We are, as a society, so intent on proving our non prudishness that we have gone to the extreme.
Some things should be adult only, it should be left behind the counter in a brown wrapper.
You don’t have to be a prude or religious to know that out children are being over exposed to things that should be for adults. This is not the only generation to do this, it had been going on for a few decades now.
The end result is we now have 18 year old girls whose main goal in life is to be a 80 year old mans trophy, or to be featured in a certain magazine.
Teach your daughters about their brains, develop that as well as teaching them they are beautiful.
When I was little my grandfather was teaching me to read, my grandmother told him I was pretty therefore I didn’t need to know how to read. He laughed, she walked off, he then looked me in the eyes and told me ” listen well, you are pretty, but that will only get you so far in life, your mind will take you wherever you want to go. Develop that and it will last you a lifetime.”
I never forgot his words, I take a lot of pride in my looks, and am obsessed by them, but I take a greater pride in my intellect. Give that gift to your daughters instead of a bunny emblem.


Well, it is Monday, I don’t know what to think, I am loving the weather, I did not like being out last week with eye issues. Yesterday was my parents wedding anniversary and my aunt passed away, bitter sweet day. My heart goes out to my cousins in the loss of their mother; I know what it is to lose that one person who is always in your corner no matter what. Even when you expect it, even when you know they will no longer be in pain, it’s hard. It is hard to accept, it is hard to find peace, it is hard to reconcile that your mom is gone. My thoughts are with them, my heart breaks for them, and yet I can see my grandmother and grandfather greeting her with open arms.
I have to tell you all, my grandmother was only fond of two of her daughter-in-laws that was my Aunt Laura Fay and my Aunt Dorothy, and they were the only ones she had really good words for. The rest, she didn’t say anything about, except for my Uncle Laverne’s wife, she was bitter towards her, but Aunt Dorothy and Aunt Laura Fay she loved. So I can totally imagine the greeting that Aunt Dorothy is getting right now. My Great Aunt Effie loved everyone, she was a lot like my mom, and I never heard her say one bad word about anyone. EVER. She was truly amazing; I know she was there as well to give a huge hug and a huge welcome home.
I know I write a lot about my parents, and with yesterday having been their anniversary I feel the need to tell a story. I have to be honest; I don’t remember which ones I have told before, so if this one is a repeat, please forgive me.
I never saw my parents argue, like ever, the only time I saw my mom slightly perturbed with my dad was during the period where he was teaching me to drive. I can only imagine the conversations they had in private about this; I never witnessed any of them. Well this one time, my dad was under the hood of the car and told me to give it some gas, which I did. He then says put the car in neutral and give it some gas, I said I don’t want to do that dad. He said it’ll be fine, so I put the car in what I think is neutral and give it some gas. Imagine my surprise when the car went flying backwards, knocking the fence down and leaving my dad standing there with a wrench in his hand with a surprised look on his face. Mom comes flying out of the house and points at dad and says these simple words “drivers Ed”. Turns and walks back into the house. I look at my dad, he looks at me, and says, well, hmmm I guess that settles that, now let’s fix that fence.
I really miss them, their humor, their wisdom, their influence; I know my cousins will miss their mom like I miss mine. She was kind, gentle and always put others before herself, it was no wonder my grandmother thought so highly of her.

Deep Thoughts for a Friday

I often wonder what I will be like, or what my life will be like when I am 90, will I be as spry and lively as my grandmother or will I develop Alzheimer’s like my mom. And while I know my mom was not my birth mother, I still worry about it. I want so bad to be like my grandmother, my aunts and uncles all appear to have inherited her constitution, my birth mother died from emphysema, so you can’t count her, she smoked. She should have known better, Testermans cannot smoke without consequences. My grandfather used to tell me that, I believe him, I never smoked, well, ok once when I was like 6 years old. It was nasty, and smelled bad, who wants to do something that tastes bad and makes you smell bad. Not me.
It is Friday and I have deep thoughts, not a good combination, I would prefer to have frivolous thoughts on a Friday.
Next week is the birthday of our country, I will, of course, be writing a special AngieWorld for it, I am still developing it, so totally look for that. I will be working on the 4th of July, just 7 to 4. I will work 5 days next week, I don’t even know how to do that anymore! It will be a challenge, I know I will be tired by the time Friday next comes around, pray for me.
I foresee a ton of coffee in my future, just to let you all know, ok, that is a warning, run and hide.


I like scramble eggs, however, I only like the yellow part, so one day I got the idea to separate the egg whites and the yellows and scramble them separately. I decided that since egg whites were so healthy I would give them to Chewie to eat. I would have the yellow, I put the plate with his food down and he eagerly went to it. Looked at it, sniffed it, turned his nose up at it. I guess even a Wookie knew the white part is disgusting and tastes bad.
I had scrambled eggs this morning, I did not separate them and I missed feeding part of my eggs to a Wookie. However I did have a crazy eye here eagerly awaiting her share.
I don’t know if that makes the dogs crazy or me, probably me, I should do the bit does that make me crazy, however there would be too many items to list.
I have a headache and my stomach hurts today, I hope I am not getting what the Irishman had, or maybe I do. He lost twenty pounds in roughly 2 weeks, I could live with that, then I would only have 20 more to go. Bring it on germs, bring it on!
Yesterday was a day where I was doubting myself, I have them every once in a while, doubts on my looks, as I am getting older and have had no plastic surgery. I know how I see myself, I often wonder how others see me. I think I look pretty good, but I know in reality I am looking old and haggard. I so do not want to be an old crone.
I don’t know where my obsession with looks came from, I remember my grandmother and great aunt Effie were always old and always wrinkled and I always thought they were beautiful. My mother never had plastic surgery and I always thought she was beautiful as well.
When I look in magazines, I see what I am supposed to look like at my age and I know I don’t look that way. I see women in the store that are so thin, and I know no matter how much weight I lose I will never look like that. My legs are huge and seem to never go down in size. It doesn’t matter what I do, they are still there, glaringly large, so huge compared to everyone around me.
So yesterday was a bad day as I realize I am old, fat and unattractive, luckily I can look at myself in the mirror sans glasses and see me as I was in high school. Way better than beer goggles.

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