I like scramble eggs, however, I only like the yellow part, so one day I got the idea to separate the egg whites and the yellows and scramble them separately. I decided that since egg whites were so healthy I would give them to Chewie to eat. I would have the yellow, I put the plate with his food down and he eagerly went to it. Looked at it, sniffed it, turned his nose up at it. I guess even a Wookie knew the white part is disgusting and tastes bad.
I had scrambled eggs this morning, I did not separate them and I missed feeding part of my eggs to a Wookie. However I did have a crazy eye here eagerly awaiting her share.
I don’t know if that makes the dogs crazy or me, probably me, I should do the bit does that make me crazy, however there would be too many items to list.
I have a headache and my stomach hurts today, I hope I am not getting what the Irishman had, or maybe I do. He lost twenty pounds in roughly 2 weeks, I could live with that, then I would only have 20 more to go. Bring it on germs, bring it on!
Yesterday was a day where I was doubting myself, I have them every once in a while, doubts on my looks, as I am getting older and have had no plastic surgery. I know how I see myself, I often wonder how others see me. I think I look pretty good, but I know in reality I am looking old and haggard. I so do not want to be an old crone.
I don’t know where my obsession with looks came from, I remember my grandmother and great aunt Effie were always old and always wrinkled and I always thought they were beautiful. My mother never had plastic surgery and I always thought she was beautiful as well.
When I look in magazines, I see what I am supposed to look like at my age and I know I don’t look that way. I see women in the store that are so thin, and I know no matter how much weight I lose I will never look like that. My legs are huge and seem to never go down in size. It doesn’t matter what I do, they are still there, glaringly large, so huge compared to everyone around me.
So yesterday was a bad day as I realize I am old, fat and unattractive, luckily I can look at myself in the mirror sans glasses and see me as I was in high school. Way better than beer goggles.

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