Controversial Thoughts

My journey continues, I am down 12 pounds and almost 10 inches in three weeks, that is exciting to me!
I have so much to talk about and some things I have been forbidden to say online, so I shan’t, I shall move on to things I can discuss.
I think I have started a firestorm on Facebook, Adrian Peterson, we have all seen the photos and heard the story of how he took a switch to a four-year old. Everyone who is from the South has had this done to them, it is a fact, the media keeps saying it was a tree branch, it was not, it was a switch, repeat, not a tree branch. Let’s get that fact straight, I am not going to defend the actions, taking a switch to a 4-year-old and whaling on him or her is not the correct way to parent. However, let’s look at a few things, we do not know how long the 4-year-old had been misbehaving, and we don’t know how many times Adrian Peterson “got onto him” (another Southern thing), we don’t know what caused him to snap.
As a parent I can understand the final snap, it is the reaction to the snap that is important, his reaction was to do to his child what was done to him. Not that this is the correct reaction, however, if we have never been taught a different way, we do what we are taught.
Yes, he went overboard on that 4-year-old, but I do not believe he deserves felony charges, I believe he needs parenting classes, some supervised visitation until he completes the classes, then check ups to make sure the lessons were learned.
There is a woman in Pennsylvania that made her daughter eat cat liter and she is being charged with simple assault, I’m sorry, cat liter is way more extreme than a switch (once again, not a tree branch). This woman deserves felony charges, not simple assault charges, if Adrian Peterson were not famous, were not a football player, this would not be a felony.
I’m going to tell you this, my grandmother made her grandchildren go get their own switches, we kids thought the thinner ones would be the best ones. Don’t be fooled, those things stung worse than the bigger ones, I am not advocating what he did by this statement. I am simply letting you know I understand his upbringing, he was doing what he was taught.
Once again, not an excuse, but this is a man who was immersed in a sport that takes all of his concentration, he really didn’t know any better. Instead of prison time, why not get him some much-needed parenting classes, have him do some community service with abused children. He doesn’t deserve prison time for this, I have spoken to someone who went to school with him at OU, he says that Adrian Peterson is a really nice guy. A little dense, but truly nice, get this man some parenting classes, open his eyes to a better way of disciplining, allow him to rehabilitate without costing the taxpayers money.
The woman who made her child eat cat liter, I’ll gladly pay her prison stay.

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