Memorial Day

I think a lot of people are confused about what Memorial Day is really about. I see a lot of people posting things about veterans and active service members. Telling them thank you for your service. While that is commendable and should be done, Memorial Day is not the day to do that.
Armed Forces Day, which is the third Sunday in May, is for active members of the, well, armed forces. It is a day to tell active service members thank you for all you are currently doing.
Veterans Day, which is November 11th, is for telling veterans of the armed forces thank you for your willingness to serve so that we may live free.
Memorial Day is for recognizing the ones that paid the ultimate price and never came home. the ones that died in service to our great country. Those are the one ones we say thank you to today.
To their families, thank you, you sent your men and women to serve The United States of America, you paid a price as well. I thank you for your courage and strength, I honor your grief and pray for your heart.
I don’t have the words to adequately say thank you to the men and women that gave their all so I could have the freedoms I enjoy. It is beyond words, it is beyond emotion, gratitude seems so paltry. Yet it is all I have to give, gratitude for my freedom to sit in my sun-filled home, in a country not torn by war, thanks to your sacrifice.
I sit and write in my comfortable existence, never knowing real sacrifice, never knowing true hunger and never knowing true fear due to you.
Saying a simple thank you is seems so paltry in light of what you have done for me, it’s all I have.
So, thank you, from the depths of my soul, thank you, thank you for ensuring the freedoms of this country for my children and their progeny. Thank you ensuring the freedoms of this country for all future generations. I can only pray that all will recognize your sacrifices and honor them by continuing to protect our countries ideas and beliefs.
Thank you to the families that sent these men and women off to battle knowing they might not see them again, and then having to face that very actuality. Thank you so much for all that you have sacrificed. I pray for your hearts, I know there will always be a huge gap in there for those you lost.
I pray our country understands the sacrifices made for us and will continue to pay proper homage to those we lost in our quest to secure our way of life.

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day here in the United States of America; it is a day we set aside to recognize the sacrifices that our men and women in uniform have made. Not just for us here in the United States, but around the world, we are known as the defenders of the downtrodden, the keepers of the gate, the ones that go where no one else goes and defends the defenseless.
Many of my own family have served this great nation; they have put on the uniform of the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines. They have given of themselves and in a couple of instances, their very lives to stand up for people who could not stand up for themselves.
I am proud to come from a family that recognizes service, servitude really, that gives of themselves so others can live free.
It all started with Thomas Testerman and just continued through the generations, I am a proud descendant of a brave man. One who gave his service to form this country, I often wonder if God grants him the vision to see the generations that came after him who have gone into service for the country he fell in love with.
If he knows that his beliefs have gone on, generation after generation.
I am in awe of the sacrifices that must be made to be a soldier, the sacrifices that the whole family makes. Some make the ultimate sacrifice with their life, I stand up today and salute the men and women of this country that put on a uniform and defend the defenseless. You are my true heroes, I might go on about Thor and Superman and all of the others, but you are bigger than they are. You have no magical powers other than your desire to serve.
You are truly appreciated by this family, one who understands honor, service and sacrifice. You exhibit those qualities daily, you and your families, the ones that are often forgotten.
On this day, I want to say a simple thank you, it doesn’t seem enough, but it is all I have to give you.

Thank you to my family who serves

Today is Veterans day, so I would like to take a moment and say thank you. Thank you to members of my family who have served this country, from my cousins, nephew, brothers and my amazing uncles who served in WWII, and the uncle who was in Vietnam, thank you. Thank you for giving up family time, for sacrificing your health, peace of mind and yes even in some cases your life so that the rest of us could enjoy health, time with our families, peace of mind and lives here at home. Thank you for defending our right to speech, even the ones that speak out against what you do, you fight for their right to say the words.
Thank you for giving your time away from your children so mine could have me here. Your selflessness does nothing but amaze me, I am in awe of you and your spirit of servitude.
Whenever I see someone in uniform or someone who is wearing some sort of insignia I want to hug them, I think of everything that they have done for this country and I am moved to tears.
There has been a member of my family in some branch of service since its inception in the 1700’s. We are a proud American family who has sent sons and daughters to fight wars, to quell rebellions, to keep the peace, we have prayed for your safe return.
I pray for all men and women who are currently serving, wether they are members of my family or not. I pray for their safe return, I pray for their families, that they will be taken care of, that the children of our soldiers will have a safe place to live here in the United States, that they will have enough to eat and that they will have peace of mind regarding their parents.
My heart is full of pride knowing that my family has contributed and continues to contribute to the safety of this great country.

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