Thank you to my family who serves

Today is Veterans day, so I would like to take a moment and say thank you. Thank you to members of my family who have served this country, from my cousins, nephew, brothers and my amazing uncles who served in WWII, and the uncle who was in Vietnam, thank you. Thank you for giving up family time, for sacrificing your health, peace of mind and yes even in some cases your life so that the rest of us could enjoy health, time with our families, peace of mind and lives here at home. Thank you for defending our right to speech, even the ones that speak out against what you do, you fight for their right to say the words.
Thank you for giving your time away from your children so mine could have me here. Your selflessness does nothing but amaze me, I am in awe of you and your spirit of servitude.
Whenever I see someone in uniform or someone who is wearing some sort of insignia I want to hug them, I think of everything that they have done for this country and I am moved to tears.
There has been a member of my family in some branch of service since its inception in the 1700’s. We are a proud American family who has sent sons and daughters to fight wars, to quell rebellions, to keep the peace, we have prayed for your safe return.
I pray for all men and women who are currently serving, wether they are members of my family or not. I pray for their safe return, I pray for their families, that they will be taken care of, that the children of our soldiers will have a safe place to live here in the United States, that they will have enough to eat and that they will have peace of mind regarding their parents.
My heart is full of pride knowing that my family has contributed and continues to contribute to the safety of this great country.

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