Memorial Day

I think a lot of people are confused about what Memorial Day is really about. I see a lot of people posting things about veterans and active service members. Telling them thank you for your service. While that is commendable and should be done, Memorial Day is not the day to do that.
Armed Forces Day, which is the third Sunday in May, is for active members of the, well, armed forces. It is a day to tell active service members thank you for all you are currently doing.
Veterans Day, which is November 11th, is for telling veterans of the armed forces thank you for your willingness to serve so that we may live free.
Memorial Day is for recognizing the ones that paid the ultimate price and never came home. the ones that died in service to our great country. Those are the one ones we say thank you to today.
To their families, thank you, you sent your men and women to serve The United States of America, you paid a price as well. I thank you for your courage and strength, I honor your grief and pray for your heart.
I don’t have the words to adequately say thank you to the men and women that gave their all so I could have the freedoms I enjoy. It is beyond words, it is beyond emotion, gratitude seems so paltry. Yet it is all I have to give, gratitude for my freedom to sit in my sun-filled home, in a country not torn by war, thanks to your sacrifice.
I sit and write in my comfortable existence, never knowing real sacrifice, never knowing true hunger and never knowing true fear due to you.
Saying a simple thank you is seems so paltry in light of what you have done for me, it’s all I have.
So, thank you, from the depths of my soul, thank you, thank you for ensuring the freedoms of this country for my children and their progeny. Thank you ensuring the freedoms of this country for all future generations. I can only pray that all will recognize your sacrifices and honor them by continuing to protect our countries ideas and beliefs.
Thank you to the families that sent these men and women off to battle knowing they might not see them again, and then having to face that very actuality. Thank you so much for all that you have sacrificed. I pray for your hearts, I know there will always be a huge gap in there for those you lost.
I pray our country understands the sacrifices made for us and will continue to pay proper homage to those we lost in our quest to secure our way of life.

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