A great Sunday Evening Recap

Have I bragged yet that I bought the new Katy Perry CD? Yes the physical CD not the ITunes one. I did immediately upload to my ITunes so I could download to my IPhone. Such a great CD, love her. I don’t know why people insist on comparing her to Lady GaGa, Katy is not weird or avante garde. She does dress with certain flair but she doesn’t cover her face or drown herself in paint to make a point. She is pure old fashioned bubble gum fun.
I had a fully busy evening yesterday, first on the agenda was celebrating my amazing sons birthday, had a wonderful time with him, his wife, daughter, Elizabeth, Freddy, Alex, Jessica and yes even my ex-husband his wife was there. We went to a new place in McKinney, an Italian place, it was fun and casual and the conversation was fun and never stilted or awkward. A great time.
Then to come home to the Emmy’s, well let me tell you that was just the cherry on the Sundae. I love, love, love award shows and the Emmy’s are my favorite. I love television and anything that celebrates my love is just, well, wonderful. Jimmy Fallon did a great job hosting, he kept everything moving with just the right amount of humor, loved that Betty White won for her SNL guest appearance and that Neil Patrick Harris won for his guest appearance on Glee. Really love that Jim Parson’s won for The Big Bang Theory and that Eric Stonestreet won for Modern Family. What a great night.
I hope everyone had an Emmy night!

One Reply to “A great Sunday Evening Recap”

  1. I have seen it written that Perry is the Evolution of Brittany Spears, and GaGa is the Evolution of Madonna. Two completely different things.


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