The World is Ending

I have been sicker than a dog. Sicker than a dog? I wonder where that expression came from. Interesting, well that is how sick I have been. I am still coughing but my fever is gone. This is good however I wish the cough would go away. I would pay someone to go get me breakfast this morning. I find myself hungry. I really want a breakfast burrito. I can’t even explain it.
I don’t even have any cash to get anything out of the vending machine; I am in a sad state this morning. Watching the news kind of makes my whining for food look pathetic and selfish. Those poor people in Japan, I cannot even imagine. Living here in North Texas gives us a sense of security, I believe. We don’t have Earthquakes or tsunami’s we do have tornadoes and heat waves, but really, nothing like this. It does make one wonder, is the end near? With all of the dying fish and birds and the natural disasters and the horrible happenings in the Middle East. Can the end be near? And are we ready for it? I have to admit I was looking forward to reaching the ripe old age of 110. That is my goal. But we all know, the best laid plans of mice and men.
I do believe I will be going for some hot passion tea at Starbucks on my lunch. I am very much looking forward to that, and something to eat. Perhaps some Greek yogurt if they have any left. I am really craving that, it has honey in it. Very soothing for the throat.
I got to drive 90 to work today, I love driving fast when no one else is on the road. There is nothing like it, the feeling of all of that power and speed. I would love to be a formula 1 driver, can you imagine? Going that fast and getting paid for it! Driving fast is in my blood, my dad was a fast driver, I am not sure about my grandfather, I don’t remember driving on any highways with him. My dad, however, was greatness; he used to tell me that speed limit signs were simply suggestions. You should gauge for yourself how fast you can go, and trust me when I tell you, he could go fast. The only bad thing about my dad’s driving was when my mom would say “Daddio, look at that.” She would point and he would start driving towards whatever it was! Veering this way and that, I would yell “DAD! Look at the road!” I seriously don’t know what those two did before I came along to be their backseat driver.
Well folks that’s all I got for now, how’d ya like that?

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