St Baldrick’s

Tomorrow is the big day, the Irishman will be shaved for charity, is where you can go to read more about it and donate if you can. It is a very worthwhile charity and I am very proud of him for participating.
So today is Friday and I have a lot to do after work, I will be running an errand before getting the girls from school, then dragging them with me for more errands! Hopefully I can throw a fun thing in there for them so they don’t get too bored. I am way excited; my copy of Tangled has been shipped! I should get it before the release date of the 29th. That is the great thing about belonging to the Disney Movie Club; you get all kinds of perks. And yes, I ordered the movie for me; I am not ashamed to say I love Disney movies. Animated and live action, doesn’t matter, Disney does it right. With one exception, G-Force, worst movie EVER, I seriously did not think Disney could make a bad movie. However, they proved me wrong with G-Force. I literally wanted to poke my eyes out in the movie theater so I would not have to watch anymore, and this was after about 5 minutes. I can’t even imagine anyone liking it.
I don’t think I have had enough coffee this morning, perhaps an IV is in order today, I slept really good last night; don’t understand why I am so tired. Maybe because I haven’t taken vitamins in a while, I should do that, I don’t know why I ever stop, I like the Flintstones vitamins, I think I shall add that to my list of errands for today. Vitamins. Check.
Alright going now, perhaps to do some jumping jacks to wake up!

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