Lesson Learned

I believe that the DMV lady made a huge mistake telling me that at the time I come to work the Plano police are doing a shift change, to me that said, oh go as fast as you want with no consequences. Of course I typically do that anyway. I cannot seem to help myself. I love to drive fast, the faster the better; there is nothing I love more than an open stretch of road, no on in sight for miles. You can just open up the carburetor and go, really test your cars limit. My dream is to one day drive on the autobahn in Germany so I can finally go as fast as I want, or drive a formula 1 car. Can you imagine? It seems to be genetic, that need to drive fast, my dad had it, I have it, my sister has it, and my children seemed to have inherited it. Of course they got a double dose as their dad is the same way.
I have to admit, I rarely get tickets, I can talk my way out of just about anything, it is an art that typically Southern women posses. You smile, you speak with a southern accent, which I have a really good Southern accent, and bat your eyes a little; you can get away with just about anything. I don’t understand how my daughter did not inherit this; she cannot get out of a ticket to save her life. And she is about one thousand times prettier than I am. All of my children are drop dead gorgeous, it is like God took the best genetic material from me and their dad and swirled it around and came up with those three. The boys could be in boy bands, they are that pretty, and Elizabeth, well Elizabeth could rule the world. If I had looked like her at her age I would be empress of the whole earth!
Getting out of a ticket is not that hard, I remember specifically one time I was pulled over for an expired tag; the officer approaches the car and asks why. Just why. Well, I guess this would be a good time to mention it was fall, which means boot and sweater weather, which means I have a whole different attitude, as wearing boots makes me a different person. So I tell him that I honestly had not noticed, and that is the truth, he then asks for my drivers license and proof of insurance, so I hand him my license, make him promise not to look at the hideous picture and inform him I have to find my proof of insurance in my glove compartment. He says fine, that he will run my information while I hunt for that. And hunt I did, he comes back and says well; I say well, I have good news and bad news, which do you want first. He says how bout both. So I inform him that while I cannot find my proof of insurance I could find my long lost OU phone cover. Of course this is all said with a smile and a southern accent, trust me when I tell you I am very good at the southern accent. Southern, not hick, think Scarlett, he bursts out laughing and says well it is your lucky day; I am an A&M fan. Then he tells me to get that taken care of and he trusts me that I have insurance, which I do, hands me my license back and tells me to have a good day.
So the lesson I learned is if you are going to get pulled over wear boots and have a good flirty attitude.

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