Stop the Abuse

I have up until now refrained from speaking on the train wreck that is Chris Brown, however, with two women celebrities coming out as staunch supporters of his I find that I can no longer keep silent. Rosie O’Donnell said that if you don’t like Chris Brown you are racist, Sherrie Shepherd says that he is amazing and how can you not like him and forgive him. She went on and on about his performance on Dancing with the Stars, what she failed to mention is that Tom Bergeron refused to interview him, in fact said do not bring him over here to talk to me, Cheryl Burke refused to be backstage with him, she is a victim of domestic violence and from what I have read several other stars refused to acknowledge his presence.
I would like to address the racist part of this first, does anyone remember Tracy Lawrence? He was a rising country star in the mid to late 1990’s, he was up there with Tim McGraw and Toby Keith, I am not a fan of country music and I loved him. As a matter of fact went to several of his concerts, had his CD’s, loved his videos. They were innovative, unusual country videos; he was ahead of his time. Then he got married, to a beautiful girl, she was from Dallas, they went to Las Vegas, and he beat her in their hotel room. Now you know why you don’t know who Tracy Lawrence is, the country community never forgave him; if you hear his music on the radio it is rare. Videos? Gone. Did I mention he is white?
You have two artists, who did the same thing, beat a woman, not just any women, the women they were supposed to love. One artist in the hip hop community one in the country community. The country community shunned their artist who was amazingly talented. What I want to know is why are two women coming out in support of a woman beater? This is the horrifying part to me, forgiveness is one thing, but embracing him? I am saying this right now, Sherrie Shepherd you should be ashamed of yourself for supporting this woman beater, what message are you sending your son? Oh honey, it’s ok to beat a woman as long as you are talented. Is that the message? And Rosie O’Donnell, well, we all know you are crazy as a loon, but you have a son as well. Is this the message you want him to learn?
I do not care who you are, white, black, purple, red, multicolored, gay, straight, or transgender, it is never ok to beat the people we love. I don’t care how talented you are, if you are doing this, stop, get help, and to the people that are being abused, leave, go to a shelter, go to a friend’s house or your local church. We will support you, unlike these two women in the public eye; we will support you and help you onto your feet. Oh and if you are the one being beaten please do not release a song saying how much whips and chains excite you. Pure craziness. The whole situation. I am appalled at how women stay with men who abuse them, or go running back to them when they say oh I’m sorry. Whether it is physical or mental or emotional, no one deserves that and if this is happening to you, LEAVE and do not go back. Women if you are out there abusing your significant other, you need to stop as well; it is not only men abusing women it goes both ways. We see it on MTV’s Teen Mom. I am appalled at how this violence seems to be entertainment these days, are we turning into Caligula’s Rome? Where any kind of behavior is acceptable? I hope not, I have the utmost faith in the human spirit and will continue to believe that we shall rise above and realize Gene Roddenberry’s future of equality.

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