Making Lemonade from Lemons

So yesterday I went with Wanda to Sandi’s house to go through some Mary Kay things. Driving into the neighborhood itself was incredibly hard. Pulling up to the house, harder, going inside knowing Sandi would not be there, near impossible. But we did it, and we accomplished a lot. It was a good day, very draining emotionally, but well worth it, on a personal level just to be among her things, it felt like she was there with us.
Yesterday was not a good day at work either, I feel as if I am trapped in Hades, with a certain person pushing the pitchfork my way, and yes I know that is two different ideologies, just go with it. Every day I am being bombarded with the actual message that I am lousy at my job. Now mind you for five years I have been good at it. This manager has decided I am the worst employee ever hired by this company. Never mind the customers love me and I fix their issues and I am able to think outside the box, she is determined to make my life a living nightmare.
I shall not allow this to happen, only I can allow her to win in her quest to squash my spirit, only I can allow her constant micromanaging and nitpicking things that don’t matter to get me down, to depress me to the point of crying everyday on the way to work. I refuse to be defeated! I shall overcome! I shall continue to do my job to the best of my abilities and training. Satan shall not WIN!!

2 Replies to “Making Lemonade from Lemons”

  1. Methinks you are giving a low-level manager far too much credit to compare them to the Fallen Angel. Seriously… that one is minion at best.
    And what do Evil Overlords do with minions?


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