Music, the real Soul Food

Music is such an interwoven part of American life, its history, apart of our story. There are certain types of music that are uniquely American, country music, bluegrass, Jazz, R&B, Rap, Gospel (both types), hard hitting rock and roll, and it is woven into our lives, our history.
The old slave gospels told them how to make their escape, Wade in the Water is a prime example, giving instructions to wade in the water so the dogs could not pick up their scent. These songs have lasted throughout the years, as a testament to the human spirit, the ability to not only survive, but overcome and thrive.
Country music tells the story of everyday people, storytelling at its best, I am not talking about today’s country music, like Taylor Swift, I am talking about Tennessee Ernie Ford, his song “16 Tons” was a story of how the major companies took advantage of their workers. Never allowing them to get ahead. As Americans we have a unique voice in that area, Loretta Lynne, Conway Twitty, Patsy Cline, Earl Scruggs, names that shaped country music. They gave us something that we could call our own.
Jazz, so uniquely American, another down South creation, New Orleans, it still influences other genres of music. Jazz had a huge influence on Rock n Roll. When you look back over the evolution of music in America you see that it is as diverse and independent as the inhabitants of this great land. Our diversity and adaptability is what makes us great. In all areas.
I didn’t forget the television theme song arena, now that is just total greatness, short snippets of music that can invoke memories of family time, a time of being swept up in a story, from Davy Crocket to the A-Team, the theme songs are unique and show driven.
Let’s not forget the symphony, I am talking John Williams, his music is the type where you open your arms and allow it to flow through your soul.
Whatever you listen to, sing to, rock out in the car to, know that you are not alone; you have a whole country of music lovers.
I myself love it all; I listen to anything from rap to bluegrass, rock n roll, disco, symphony, classical, pop, jazz, R&B and yes some country. Oh and let’s not forget I am a huge fan of television show theme songs.
Enjoy a good song today, remember its origins and know here, in America, you are free to listen to whatever you want, whatever makes your soul soar.

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