Curiosity about @tobraavery

As some of you know I am a huge fan of Twitter, it is a medium that is more conducive to following or being followed by total strangers. I don’t even know how people find me to follow but they do. There is a woman on there @tobraavery that began following me after I began following my hometown church. I of course began following her. I don’t know her, if I passed her on the street in Owasso I would not know who she is. I am totally fascinated by her. The things I have learned while following her on twitter is amazing. I have found she is not only witty, smart and at time irreverent, she is also a woman of integrity, she is a faithful Christian who does not claim perfection, she is a mother of two and her husband is a volunteer police officer in a K9 unit. Here is one of the things I find completely fascinating, she is part of a blended family, there are two children in the family, I don’t know whose they are biologically. Hers or her husbands, she never says, she just brags on the children or recounts something funny they said. I find this amazing; she is by all accounts a truly remarkable woman, who is part of a remarkable family. Her husband not only volunteers as a police officer in the community, he also recently went to Joplin, Missouri to help in the aftermath of the tornado that hit.
I hope one day I meet @tobraavery, I think we would be friends in real life, at least I hope so. Part of me wonders if I do know her in a round about way, I wonder if she knows some of my family that lives in Owasso and goes to church at Rejoice. I wonder if she knows that my family was one of the founding families of the church. I wonder how she ended up in Owasso, how she met her husband and how she became a photographer. So many questions, I imagine a lot of them will go unanswered as twitter is 140 characters or less per posting. Life is funny these days, with technology you can become friends with someone you have never met in person, you can follow someone’s life, a window into their world in a way that we have never been able to before. I don’t know if this is an entirely good thing, but I do know that I am enamored with it.

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