Theories and what not

I am still not feeling all that great, better than last week, however, still not 100%. I cannot get rid of this nagging cough and not to be gross, but I did not think it was possible for one person to produce so much snot and phlegm. Disgusting, that is what it is, being sick is disgusting. No wonder I can’t get anyone to take care of me. I don’t blame them.
The Irishman downloaded Simon Pegg’s book Nerd Do Well for me, I am beyond excited, I love Simon Pegg, I think he is an underrated actor and needs more attention. His comedy is decidedly British, makes sense as he is from England, if you don’t appreciate that kind of humor, then he is probably not for you. However, I strongly suggest you watch Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Run Fat Boy Run, oh and let’s not forget his latest, Paul. He was also Scotty in the new Star Trek movie. He is just total greatness; I will watch anything he is in.
So, as many of you have ascertained I live in Texas, in the Dallas area, and as the whole world must know by now the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA championship title. I don’t follow sports, I am not a sports girl, in fact I have a theory about women who do watch sports or claim they do. I will not say that theory here as it will really get me a lot of hate mail and I seriously do not want that. Let’s just say I would rather shop than watch a sporting event, I would rather read than watch a sporting event; I would rather watch a movie than watch a sporting event. The only thing I would not rather do is cook. I would watch a sporting event if it meant I didn’t have to cook. Having said that, I do enjoy seeing sporting events in person. Expect I do not think I would like watching soccer; it is the most boring game on the planet earth, except for golf. Is golf even a sport? Do you exert yourself doing it? I don’t even know. What is more I don’t even care. I think most women don’t. But I won’t go into that as it is part of my theory.
I have not had coffee in over a week, I like cream in my coffee and I cannot drink anything with milk in it right now due to the above mention infliction. Feel bad for me please.

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