Happy Birthday Joss Whedon!

Today is Joss Whedon’s birthday, which of course makes me reflect upon his body of work thus far. Of course there is Buffy and Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse and Serenity, but did you know he was a writer on the Rosanne Barr show? And did you know he is writing and directing the new Avengers movie? To say that I love Joss Whedon is an understatement. I think the man is pure brilliance, his dialogue is snappy and fresh, the characters are not of the norm. This could be why he is not a ratings draw on regular television.
I firmly believe that if Firefly and Dollhouse had been on cable channels instead of Fox they would still be on the air, of course that would mean someone else would be playing Rick Castle. The numbers that these shows were pulling are on par with Dexter on Showtime, in fact they were better than Dexter and that show is considered a huge hit. But on network television those numbers do not mean anything and the shows were never allowed to grow and gain a following.
Buffy was allowed to grow, however it began its growth at the CW which historically allowed their shows to grow and gain a following, then they launched Angel, and allowed it to grow. These were great shows and are greatly missed.
I can hardly wait for the Avengers movie, I am so curious to see what he will do with these characters as they are well established characters and not ones he is creating from scratch.

2 Replies to “Happy Birthday Joss Whedon!”

  1. Don’t forget Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, which was a genius amalgamation of some of the best talent in showbiz! Whedon, Fillion, Harris, and Day!


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