It’s a Geektastic World

I work in technical support and I have never considered myself a technical person, to be honest I don’t know how I got here. Well, strike that, I do know how I got here, by being bored. Once I learn how to do a job I become bored with it and have the need to move on to something more challenging. When I started with the major communications corporation I work for I was a clerk. You might be wondering what that entails, well in this world it could be one of many things. But in my case I was what the rest of the world would call a personal assistant for a 2nd level manager. I have to say I loved that job, I loved who I worked for and the people I worked with were for the most part greatness.
The best piece of advice I received from my then boss was to take every opportunity for training that the company offered. He said that there wasn’t a lot for clerks so whatever I could find he would sign off on. I took all three classes for Microsoft Excel, Word and Power Point; there were other classes as well. After becoming bored with that job, (how much filing can one do really?), I went on to become a service rep working in the claims department. Another job I absolutely loved, I had a manager that was a real person and who gave you the tools in which to perform your job well and then left you alone. There was no micromanaging or berating, just simple old fashioned leadership.
Well then the company bought another company and my job went to them, and yes after all of these years I am still bitter about it. My training lay fallow, working in a part of the company that was dying, it was brutal, then I was able to leave that part and work on orders. That job was also interesting and kept me engaged, until I learned it. Then the question became where I go from here, there wasn’t a lot left, I would have loved to go back to clerical work, I found I really loved that, however, it paid less and there were few jobs out there.
The only place to go was technical, without me even really realizing it, I had become technical, I passed the test, which greatly surprised me, and started my life as a technical support agent. Life is interesting in this world, I find I can let my inner geek out more and more and no one blinks an eye. I can also be as girly as I want, wear my fabulous shoes and outfits all the while talking about the latest geektastic movie or new Science Fiction show on television. It is a crazy world in which I find myself.

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