I’m Back…………………..

My faith in humanity has been restored and I can write again, I know you are all excited about that. I am having my coffee and contemplating starting my workout routine tomorrow. I know what you are thinking, why not today, well today I have an appointment with and ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor), I have lost my ability to smell things. Well I take that back, I can smell things if the odor is very strong and very close to my nose. So I am a little concerned about that and feel the need to check it out. Will keep you all updated on my olfactory issues.
I am still losing weight, which I like, however it is not fast enough for me, I feel the need to be super skinny by summers end. I am convinced that if I am thin enough all of my problems will be resolved. And before you say anything I know how crazy that really sounds. But being ingrained with the saying, “you can never be too rich or too thin” I fully believe both. I really can’t do anything about the too rich, but the too thin, I can totally work on that. I also know that makes me crazy, there I beat you to it.
I am incredibly excited to be off this Friday, I am also excited about Thursday night, it is the Irishman’s monthly 1759 meeting, what is exciting is not the fact I will be tagging along (yes I invited myself and I do not think he wants me there) but Rachel will be there! So he doesn’t have to worry I will have someone to talk to and he has no fear of me wanting to be around him.
Rachel is incredibly cool and fun to be around, she is from Ireland and has the best accent, she is also funny and smart and great company. I am so excited to get to hang out with her! Sometimes I am amazed at the caliber of people I know. I feel so fortunate to be around people who are smart, funny, engaging and good looking/pretty (depending on the gender). I don’t know why they want to be around me, I am just grateful they do!
Today is my Wednesday, I am very happy, I kept thinking when I woke up that it was Thursday already, I think I was hoping I had slept through Tuesday and Wednesday. I can’t wait for Friday; I get to see Jeffrey and hopefully Elizabeth. My car is not acting right, so off to Bonham I go, to the best service center in North Texas. I am not just saying that because my ex-husband owns it and my son works there, seriously if you are in that area you need to take your car to them. While my ex no longer works on the cars (he was a mechanic when we met) he runs a shop that is fair in price and excellent in service. I do have to give him recognition for being a mechanic though, my dad used to say that he was one of the best mechanics he had ever met and coming from my dad, that was huge. Jeff has a way of just laying his hands on a car and can ascertain what is wrong with it. An amazing ability.
So my friends, I will sign off for now, I found I was very wordy today, missed you all yesterday.

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