United Way Time!

It is that time of year again, yes the time I begin begging. I am fundraising for United Way, I am very excited about it. I feel the work we do has an impact on the community around us. Everyone is so generous with their time and money and also with items given to us for raffles and door prizes.
We have the sports jerseys for sale again, $60.00 for genuine team jersey’s, of which $15.00 from every sale goes towards United Way. Last year I bought three of them for Christmas presents. I was even able to get Jeffrey one that they call a throwback. it was a Roger Staubach one. He was happy. So message me, call me, email me or skywrite your order! I will take it any way I can get it!
Had an amazing weekend in Owasso, Oklahoma, I saw my favorite nephew, partied like it was 1999, or in actuality like it was 1980ish with Tammi and new friend Traci, the band totally rocked my visit! Then spend the rest of the time with Linda and Bill and some of their kids. Well they have five, you can’t really expect me to keep track of all of them! Kidding, I know exactly which ones were there, and which ones I missed. They all had me ready to move back up there, of course that is the way I feel every time I go there, then I come home to my life and realize I really like Texas. I so cannot leave my kids and Tessa, I don’t know if the Irishman would move with me. Long distance relationships are not easy. So there you have it, in Texas I shall remain, besides I don’t know if the town of Owasso could seriously handle not only me and Tammi together, but me and Linda together!

2 Replies to “United Way Time!”

    1. Jess as I explained to Elizabeth my phone was stolen and someone posted those things then returned my phone. Shocking really when you consider how calm and steady I am on any given day. I don’t even know why anyone wod think that is actually me!


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