Nose Results

So, I go to the amazingly handsome ENT, who proceeds to go over my CT Scan results. He starts off by telling me he doesn’t understand how I can breathe at all due to a severely deviated septum. However that is not the problem, because I can breathe, quite well, he says I have had this most likely my entire life. The nasal cavities themselves are clear and look good, however there is swelling on the sides of my nasal cavity and swelling around the nerve that actually allows you to smell.
He put me on nasal sprays and is sending me to a neurologist. he is completely confused as to why this is happening.
I will continue in my quest to be able to smell the amazing aroma at Starbucks. That is what I really miss the most. Walking into a Starbucks and closing my eyes and allowing the aroma of brewing coffee to wash over me. I long for the day I am able to do that once again.

2 Replies to “Nose Results”

  1. I guess that deviated septum is why the alien couldn’t take up residence there. Thankful for small favors, I guess.
    So basically, by sending you to a neurologist, it sounds like he is saying you can’t smell because you are neurotic?


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