Cowboy Justice

Cowboy justice, only in America does that term apply, it brings images of men on horses with rifles. But in reality cowboy justice was swift, it asked no questions and in almost all instances ended with the perpetrator dying.
There was no talk of appeals, no talk of innocent until proven guilty, they knew who was guilty and meted out punishment. Some people today are appalled by that type of justice, how could we as human beings do something so barbaric? The barbaric gene is alive and well in humanity. We see it every day in most cultures, it has even stayed with us, one of the more civilized societies on the planet. Does its existence hamper us or does it enable us to continue on as a society?
The death penalty for example is seen by many as barbaric, however, I am a supporter of the death penalty. I fully believe an eye for an eye justice, I do not believe that all people can be rehabilitated. If that makes me barbaric then so be it. I am here to tell you right now that if someone hurt one of my children or my grandchildren I would be on them like a duck on a June bug. I am happy to be living in a state that still has the death penalty for such people.
And speaking of barbaric, wouldn’t it be more barbaric to allow such people to live and have access to more victims? If you are civilized, why would you want the uncivilized among you? And if that part of society ever wins out, then I propose that we have two camps, you all can have the murderers and the rapist, we will take the barbarians.

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