The Horrible No Good Friday

This is the worst Friday I have had in a long time, I woke up with the worst headache, and I forgot my coffee at home. I made the most amazing iced coffee and left it on the counter. I was two minutes late signing in, a huge no-no in the phone company world, and I found out I am on a new team with a manager I do not want to be with. I think we can say this is my no good horrible Friday.
The only saving grace is I look good, it is sweater dress and boot day, I am wearing the most amazing BCBG sweater dress with leggings and black boots. I am very chic, at least in my mind I am. I truly love this weather, the cold, the wet, I hope it snows soon. I love wearing sweaters and boots and jackets and dresses with boots, the fashion choices are endless.
This is also Chewie’s favorite weather, he is already bugging me to go outside all the time, so I sit on the back patio and watch him. He goes out slowly, as if he cannot believe the perfect weather is here, he then lifts his snout towards the sky. It is as if he is giving thanks for the coolness then he prances outside fully and turns and grins at me. Man, I love that dog.
So we all know I am crazy, I have been made crazier by recent events in my life, I don’t know how to stop the crazy. My natural inclination is to be distrustful, I have been hurt a lot in my lifetime, and I had suspended that part of my nature for a while. It is back in full force, I have not control over it these days. If there is anyone out there who can help me reign myself back in, well any advice would be appreciated.
I have no plans this weekend, I think I will just relax and catch up on my DVR’d shows and eat fruit, since that has no Weight Watcher points. I need to get caught up on laundry and straighten my dresser. It is shameful. Maybe I won’t leave the apartment at all this weekend, I really don’t need to go anywhere, and I could have a pajama weekend. I wish I could sit and do nothing but eat ice cream, but that is not an option, as I do not want to gain any of my weight back.
Happy Friday to one and all, I hope your Friday is better than mine.

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