Former Lives

I was in Target yesterday, browsing their book selections, and noticed the book Cleopatra’s Daughter, which I have read. I started to think about past lives and how everyone thinks that they were Cleopatra in a former life. I do not believe I was Cleopatra in a former life, number one, she wasn’t Egyptian, she was Greek, if you look at the coins that show what she actually looked like, she was not attractive. By historical accounts she exuded confidence and that made her attractive. She married her brother, she then became a consort to Julius Caesar, and then murders her brother, and then when Caesar dies, she takes up with Marc Antony, a married man. Then commits suicide leaving her children to face their own fate, alone; no, I do not believe I was Cleopatra in a former life.
Of course that started my thinking process on other women in power, Marie Antoinette came to mind. I do not believe I was her either; she was married at 14 to the prince of France who could not consummate the marriage. For many years, until he finally had a surgery that corrected a deformity, then she was woefully out of touch with her subjects. This was her fault, she was a petulant teenager who thought of nothing but shopping. Today, not an issue, when you are a monarchy with starving peasants, huge problem; she had the opportunity to send her children to safety, she declined. They all died, no, I was not her in a former life.
Then Catherine the Great came to mind, now, this was a woman I could have been, the most powerful Czarina in all of Russia, of all time. She ruled with flare, and iron fist, she revitalized Russia, made it a great power in Europe. Her reign is considered the golden age of Russia; this is a woman I could have been in a former life. She rocked.
I don’t know if I believe in former lives, I like to think when I am done on this earth, I am done, I will get to go home and God will say job well done good and faithful servant.

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