Holiday Plans and Christmas Love

I am very excited for the upcoming Christmas season, I love everything about it, the music, the decorations, the lights, the sounds, the buying presents for everyone I love. That is really the best part, picking out the perfect present knowing they will love it, and if they don’t saving the receipt so they can get something they do love. It does not hurt my feelings if someone wants to take back a present I have bought. I would rather they get something they want and will use and enjoy. Although I must say I do pretty well in the gift giving department. I rarely miss when picking something out for someone. I love the colors of the season, the movies, the food, ah the food, my nemesis. What to do this season, well, I shall plan and if I falter I will not beat myself up for it, just get right back on the wagon.
The clothes of the season, here, in North Texas, I have the promise of wearing sweaters and boots and jackets, such heady thoughts. Big hint for any of my children reading this, I have worn out my black leather gloves, would love another pair!
Must go get ready to start my great day at work, I know it is going to be fantastic! I hope everyone has a fantastic day and has fun getting ready for their Thanksgiving day!

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