Terrific Tuesday

Ok, so, every day my dad would eat a tablespoon full of honey, he would spread it on his toast, of course this was honey that we got from the honey man up the road. He said that someone told him a long time ago that if you eat a tablespoon full of honey one would never have weight problems. My dad was not fat, so there may have been something to that, or it could have been the fact he was very active and ate healthy otherwise. We shall never know which it was, anyway, Elizabeth Anne told me she started eating honey because someone told her if you ingest local honey it would help with allergies. So, I was at Costco on Sunday and they had a local vendor there that sells, you guessed it, honey. Honey made in Frisco, so, I decided to give both theories a go. I bought the honey and am having a tablespoon in my coffee instead of sweet-n-low, I figure it has to be better for me than chemical sweeteners. It is two weight watcher points and I only have the one tablespoon per day. My coffee actually tastes better, so far so good, don’t really know anything regarding allergies or weight loss as of yet, but the taste is good.
I am looking forward to this weekend, very busy, getting nails done early Saturday morning, then shopping, then Christmas gathering with the Ladies that Lunch, this time no lunch, dinner. We are mixing it up folks! Cause that’s how we roll. I crack myself up.
Elizabeth Anne came yesterday while I was at work, she organized my closet, cleaned my kitchen and, yes, organized my boots and shoes. I love that girl, then as a reward, I took her to Taco Bueno, ok, so Bueno was always in the plans, but still, we went, had good food and good conversation.
I hope you all have a Terrific Tuesday (thank you Anissa for the phrase)!

One Reply to “Terrific Tuesday”

  1. I also eat a teaspoon of bee pollen (aka beebread) a day. It’s supposed to do alot of things for you like healthier skin, immunity, and much more


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