Simple Comforts

I love this new schedule, I find I love having a leisurely morning where I drink my coffee, sit and read the funny papers (online) and Dear Abby. It almost feels like working part time hours, I am no longer exhausted to the point where all I can do is come home and lay on the sofa. Now at the end of the day I still have energy, I can stop at the store, go shopping, do laundry, in other words a normal life. It feels good. I feel human again, I honestly did not realize how tired I was until I started working this shift, and realized how good I felt, physically.
I am still getting used to the Mac keyboard and the different ways I can spell check. I always use spell check, I am a fast typer and mistakes are inevitable. The last time I took a timing test I was at 95 words a minutes, with minimal mistakes. Of course that was looking at words on a paper and typing them. When I am typing something from a paper, I don’t even see words, I see characters. I don’t even know what I am typing until it is over, then I read it.
A lot of times I write out my thoughts then type it, I am very old fashioned. There is something about putting pen to paper, it clears the mind, one becomes more cognizant, at least I do. It could be due to the fact that when I was growing up there were no computers in houses, we had a typewriter, but it was a manual one, and difficult to use if you were a fast typist, the keys would get tangled if you went too fast. So writing on paper was it for me. It is comforting to me, that creative process.
Oh well, I must stop now, get dressed and go to work to help the people with their internet connections!

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